Yogurt Diet Plan

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Shedding weight and maintain a good physique effortlessly, within a short span of time is something that most of the weight conscious people are looking out for. Diets of all sorts are usually the calling for such people. One such diet is the yogurt diet. This diet was supposedly discovered on the internet which was based on the writings of Ana Luque. Now, yogurt diet involves an avid use of yogurt in one’s diet  to achieve the desired target of shedding the excess weight. This article sheds light on the guidelines for this diet, Effect of this diet, benefits and the flip side of this diet.

Guidelines to be followed for Yogurt diet:

yogurt diet

A yogurt diet is based on inclusion of a good portion of yogurt in your regular diet regime. It does not restrict the inclusion of other food in the diet. Dieters are advised to help themselves to at least three wholesome servings of yogurt along with the regular food that is approved for this diet. However to initiate quick weight loss one should have only yogurt throughout the day. In such cases, at least 12 cups should be consumed throughout the day. One  should calculate the quantity that one has to take based on their personal requirement and keeping in mind that 4 oz of yogurt comprises of 5 gms of protein, 110calories, 18 gms sugar,  2 gms fat, and a small quantity of potassium also. Care should be taken to select yogurt that contains prebiotics and probiotics and avoid the ones that have high content of fats and sugar.

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Effect of Yogurt diet:

Research has revealed yogurt is a good source of probiotics. This probiotic is found in good quantity in the intestines and it gets depleted due to the consumption of fast food, processed food and fatty foods. Even the use of antibiotics also leads to depletion. Consuming probiotic rich yogurts alleviates this intestinal inflammation that leads to substantial weight loss. The yogurt diet is also based on healing and creating more intestinal flora that is responsible for maintain good colon health. The food gets broken down and digested well thus aiding a good amount of weight loss.

Benefits of Yogurt diet:-

1. Aids weight loss without creating deficiencies:

Yogurt diet is proven to be highly effective in weight loss without creating nutritional deficiencies following this diet does not restrict the use of other health food options.

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2. Inexpensive:

Yogurt is known to be an inexpensive commodity therefore one can consume this product in large quantities without bothering about its cost. People sometimes are required to have large portions but are sceptical about its price. Yogurt being reasonably affordable relieves them of financial burden.

3. It is filling:

Yoghurt is known to keep the hunger pangs at bay. While on a diet , one often faces craving and sweet tooth, going on a yogurt diet ensures elimination of these cravings as this diet does not require starvation.

5. It is delicious and enjoyable:

Since it is yogurt is very palatable, one enjoys this diet as it is available in several flavours. Not only this, you get the option of having it sweet as well as in the savoury form. So one enjoys being on this diet

6. Ideal for lactose intolerance:

Let’s say that you are very fond of cereals but cannot enjoy it because you are intolerant towards lactose. Do not be upset as yogurt diet enables you to enjoy your cereal by replacing milk with yogurts.

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The flip Side:

This diet is not suitable for those people who want to go on an absolutely strict low calorie diet as each oz of yogurt contains at least thirty calories. Another flip side to this diet is when people consume this product daily up to about 12 cups a day,  it tends to get boring .

Yogurt diet like any other diet is a fad that one can attempt as the success rate of this diet varies from person to person. So if you want to try it out do stock up on the yogurt of your choice.

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