Top 9 Wing Tattoo Designs

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There are many types of wings designs that you can try out. There are a variety of styles that you can try out. If you like to sport ancient formats then you can try something in that style. You can also do these in small and very pencil drawn style. These are especially good if you want something that is not very large. These also give scope for extending this later on if you want something like floral or designers associated with this. You can also keep the inside of these in flesh tone. You can also custom re-create or make something of your own choice as per suitability. You can try similar stuff and you can ask your pattern artist to give you some inspirations or to custom make something even with writings for you that you can try on yourself.

Below are the top 9 wings tattoo designs, that you can draw inspirations from. These you can look at and then you can also custom re-create some of these to suit your taste and choices.

wing tattoo designs1

This can be done by anyone who is a fan of these styles. This has been done using dark and broad bands and the inside has been kept without any colors. You can try out similar things. If you want then you can use shadings inside of this with some other dark color like red which is a commonly use color for these and then you can get a 3D effect for this. Therefore these give you a scope for extensions and you can add other associated styles to this. However, you should remember that these are done with dark colors and therefore you should be comfortable and then you should do this otherwise removal can be tough and often many traces of colors may not be removed fully or leave patch marks on skin.

wing tattoo designs2

This is a very small colorful artistic and you can also do this easily. You can also try something like this out.

wing tattoo designs3

You can try something like this for the whole of your back. If you are comfortable with these styles then you can do a colourful pattern like above in the image on yourself.

wing tattoo designs4

This is another ancient and very 3D pattern that you can do on a large area of your body. You can add any type of dark colors to this. However, if you are not comfortable with large designs, then you should not do this because removal of these dark colors will cost you a lot and also these may give patchiness.

wing tattoo designs5

This is done in shaded and embossed effects. You can also do something like this. This is done with the joining at the central area of spine. This gives it a real effect.

wing tattoo designs6

If normal styles are not your choice, you can do something girly and artistic like this. You can write your name like this or anything that you may want to write.

wing tattoo designs7

This is a stylish design that you can do with different styles at either side. This is colourful. You can also get something like this on yourself. This can be done by anyone.

wing tattoo designs8

This is a girly type tattoo that you can easily do if you like these arts. These are also easy to remove because these are quite small in size.

wing tattoo designs9

This is for those who want to do something like a wing but they do not like large styles. Therefore you can do these on your leg and only at any side and these will also be easier to hide when you wear long leggings. These are girly and are easy to sport.

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