Top 9 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

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Wedding hairstyles can be done in a lot of ways. You can try a lot of different wedding hairstyles ideas whether it’s your wedding or if you are just a guest who has been invited to the wedding. If you have something traditional in mind then a short cropped messy hairstyle might not sit well with it. Again if you have done a long braid at your back or a normal bun and you are wearing that with wrong clothes, then you may go wrong with the selection of style.

Let us show you our top 9 picks for wedding hairstyle ideas.

1. Vintage Pin Curls Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

wedding hairstyle ideas1

This can be a very good wedding hairstyle. This has the touch of the modern trendy half up half down look as well as this has a vintage touch to it. You need professional help to go with this hair look for the wedding. You should buy some accessories as well to make this look even more gorgeous. The rest of the hairs should be left loose and flowy. This should be further gives some tight soft waves to stay in with the whole design so created for as long as possible. Side bangs will add more flavour to this hairstyle. You should have proper layers in your hair.

2. Side Shifted Wavy Back Brushed Hair:

wedding hairstyle ideas2

These days you generally get layered hairstyles when you go to a good parlour. Almost everyone will suggest you for layers. Layers can be long, short or medium. You can try long layers and avoid the bangs. This type of a hairstyle will be easier to create if you do not have bangs. If you want bangs then make sure they are long or medium and not short. Short bangs will not go with this look. Bach brush the hair and shift to one side. Give it tight thick curls all the way from roots to the tips. Set the hair with a rhinestone hair band.

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3. Pin Curls Bun:

wedding hairstyle ideas3

This can be a good hair look when you want something in a bun form. You can give the bun some vintage pin curls. You can set these with floral pins. You should take the help of a stylist for this. You alone cannot do this hairstyle properly.

4. Loose Wavy Long Hair:

wedding hairstyle ideas4

If you have long hair, the proper choice that you can go for is to give it some loose curls. If you like avoiding too much styling then this can be good. Further make this style stand with a rhinestone Swarovski crystal studded head band.

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5. Twisted Bun:

wedding hairstyle ideas5

This is a modern hairstyle that you can try out. This can be done if you have nice feathered layers on your hair. Some proper twisting can make some sections stand out of the bun in feathers.

6. Braided Bun Hairstyle:

wedding hairstyle ideas6
This can be a good vintage style braided bun hairstyle for a wedding party.

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7. French Braided Half Up Half Down Look:

wedding hairstyle ideas7

Half up half down looks are very popular and you can try something like this provided you have long and thick hair.

8. Full Head Curls Half Up Half Down:

wedding hairstyle ideas8

This can be a curly half up half down hairstyle for a wedding party. This can be worn for reception as well.

9. Rolled Bun:

wedding hairstyle ideas9

if you don’t like too much styling, then you can try a classic inward tight rolled bun. This can be a good wedding hairstyle.

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