Top 9 Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Many of us like to keep hair medium length as this is either easier to maintain or it can be styled in very trendy ways. You can do buns and also do braids with medium length hair. At the same time when it is properly cut in different forms like layers or kept straight or even curly, even then it looks quite fashionable. This is a good thing for a bride as well because we all like that our makeup stay proper for as long as possible on an important day and we do not like our hairstyle to be of extreme high maintenance. But when choosing a right hairstyle for a medium hair, the choices seem to be quite high. Generally we all end up with the stylist doing a chignon or a normal bun on our hair instead of various other styles that can be easily tried on medium length hair.

Let us see the top 9 wedding hairstyles for medium hair that you can try out.

1. Messy Braided Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair1

If you have medium length hair, you might not be able to try long braided hairstyles but you can try out something more fashionable like this one. You can try a running simple or waterfall braid which can be short and ending at the back. With the rest of the hair at the back make a vertical rolled bun and clip it tight. A bit of messiness will only add to the glam of this style.

2. Flowy Hair with Side Parted Bangs:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair2

If you do not like up do hairstyles or braids, or if you have thin hair problem, then you should go for something natural and flowy. You can try a loose wavy flowy hairstyle with properly cut bangs. If you feel this lacks glamour then adorn your head with a nice floral accessory.

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3. Up Do Curly Hair:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair3

You can try up do curly hairstyles which can look very fashionable mainly since these are a popular trend these days. Celebs are very often seen sporting up do hairstyles and many like the messy bun or curly bun styles.

4. Twisted Bangs and Low Rung Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair4

If you do not like top bun styles, then you can try low rung buns. These are also quite popular and classy form of style that you can try.

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5. Puffy Section Look:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair5

If up dos and variously styled hair is not your thing, you can try out something like a sectioned puffy hairstyle. This can be quite good when you want something simple for your medium hair.

6. Medium Curls Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair6

You can try this hairstyle when you want a vintage style for your hair. These types of curls are a good thing for trying for parties and also for weddings.

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7. Medium Vertical Rolled Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair7

Vertical bun hairstyles are becoming quite popular now. These look good and very stylish. If you are looking for something simple for your medium hair and also that is very classy, you can try this.

8. Light Braid and Pin Curls Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair8

Bun hairstyles don’t let you sweat much. This can be a good vintage yet quite trendy style hair look for you. You can try a loose side running braid and end the sections in one sided pin curls.

9. Braided Conch Shell Bun:

wedding hairstyles for medium hair9

If you like braided hairstyles, you may like this hairstyle for your medium hair. Your hair needs to be thick enough to make this whole head running braid. Make the braided tips end in a curled up conch shell.

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