10 Best Pictures of Vidya Balan without Makeup

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The woman of the moment, Vidya Balan had a rough start in her Bollywood career but as soon as her movies started piling in, her luck turned around. Giving us hits after hits, the dirty picture lead actress has always been considered around the bulky ones and even though her feminine curves have many a times been dissed, she has stayed strong against the allegations as she flew past the barrier. Here are some of her best without makeup looks.

Beautiful Images of Vidya Balan without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the top 10 Vidya Balan no makeup photos.

1. The Traditional Beauty:

vidya balan without makeup1

Vidya has always been considered one of the most ethnic Indian women with the perfect curves defining her ethnicity. Complementing her figure well is nothing more than the Indian suit, the saree and thus here in this peacock blue number she looks radiant and healthy as she poses for her picture.

2. On Set:

vidya balan without makeup2

Vidya may not be flaunting the best figure around tinsel town, but she sure has the face to swoon us all. this still was taken from her sets of her blockbuster movie, Kahaani where she played the role of a pregnant woman in search for her lost husband and having to play a bland role she opted no makeup.

3. The Sudden Picture:

vidya balan without makeup7

Back stage of her movie, the dirty picture, before shoot started, Vidya was seen in her red traditional suit posing for a picture. this is a rare picture since you usually would not find her in such an extravagant persona. With minimal makeup on she looked pretty amazing.

4. Street Outing:

vidya balan without makeup4

Vidya Balan has always been concerned about how well she carries herself and thus here in this picture of her walking on the street you can see how she opts for shirt top of fitted jeans. her hair is pulled back and she looks spotlessly beautiful.

5. The Lady in Pink:

vidya balan without makeup5

While she chatted up on her free time, we saw how a dazzling lady like her upholds her position. Vidya has always carried her plain skin off with no hassle and here without makeup it is evident that she does not need makeup to be beautiful.

6. The Side Glances:

vidya balan without makeup6

In this picture, we can bank on it and say Vidya has no makeup on and still she looks a million bucks with that side glance of hers. Her hair is brushed to one side as she sports her bare face without a sprinkle of makeup. Maybe now we know why such a pretty lady like her needs a little makeup before shoots.

7. The Elegant Lady:

vidya balan without makeup3

With her hair pulled back, brushed and tied Vidya ventured out and dared herself to no makeup. Being quiet the simpleton that she is, Vidya sported a midnight black shirt. The exhaustion has made her face gloom and dull as she still manages to smile for the camera.

8. The Tired Look:

vidya balan without makeup8

Here in this picture, Vidya looks extremely tired as her under eye bags are prominent and sunken. However that did not stop her from leaving the house without makeup. She is comfortable in her skin and she has no reason not to show us why. With her hair swept to one side, she looks tired yet worthy.

9. Being A Friend:

vidya balan without makeup9

In recent news, the demise of renowned international B-town actress Priyanka Chopra’s father, Ashok Chopra passed away causing a lot of earthquake throughout the tinsel town. All the B-town family gathered under one roof to join hands to honor the great man and on his prayer meet, Vidya Balan too was present there looking gorgeous with a while lace top and blue jeans.

10. The Interview:

vidya balan without makeup10

This is another of the stills from one of her interviews where she opted for no or minimal makeup and indeed she stood to her words where a lady does not require makeup always to look beautiful.

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