Top 9 Health Benefits of Ugli Fruit

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As a member of the citrus family, Ugli is a fruit that really looks ugly, hence the name. However, dont go by it’s looks, because it is the interiors of the fruit which has all the sweetness and healing potential. The fruit is a cross between tangerines, the Seville orange, grapefruit and is available from November to April every year, say sources.

Ugli has plenty of richness in it, such as an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and very low calories to deal with per serving.  All the way from Jamaica, the fruit is a nutritious power house, and has a taste which is far different from any other fruit you have eaten so far.


In Short:

  • The fruit is rich in vitamins, such as A and C
  • The fruit is rich in minerals, such as calcium and iron
  • The fruit is rich in protein
  • The fruit is rich in fibre
  • The fruit helps fight cardio diseases
  • The fruit helps fight degeneration of tissues and cells in the body
  • The fruit helps fight gum and oral degeneration
  • The fruit helps fight kidney issues and stones
  • The fruit helps fight high blood pressure
  • The fruit helps fight free radicals
  • The fruit helps fight allergies
  • The fruit helps make lovely dishes and salads
  • The fruit helps make lovely juices

Health wise:

1. The fruit helps the body with a lot of fibre, which is in abundance when an Ugli is consumed.  We all know how important it is for us to have fibre, so that the bowel movements next morning is taken care of. Moreover, the fruit is an aid which helps with the digestion tract, thanks to the abundance of fibre available in it. This allows efficiency of the digestive tract

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2. One can even have a happy heart, since cardiovascular problems would be taken care of when an Ugli is consumed every day, say health experts.

3. Diabetes can be lowered, especially type 2 diabetes, and the sugars found in the fruit would help with controlling the levels of blood sugar too. One can also have their cholesterols lowered as well, consuming an Ugli a day, say health experts.

4. Since an Ugli has a lot of vitamins in it, this is one of the most important health benefits to be happy about. With the help of vitamin C in the fruit, the immune system gets a boost, and the antioxidants work wonders to stop free radicals from damaging the body too. Free radicals are harmful and if not kept under control or in check, they can cause the body inflammation and damage more tissues, leading to cancers too.

5. The vitamin C found in an Ugli is also useful for chronic health issues, such as cancer. This is because the vitamin helps with collagen formation. Collagen as we all know if the main tissue for the gums and the muscles, the skin too. If there are cuts, burns, nicks and wounds, it is this connective tissue that would help other tissues to relax and heal.

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6. There is no cholesterol and fat in an Ugli, and the fruit is best for strong teeth and bones too, say health sources and experts. The fruit is known to help cells repair themselves and to rejuvenate as well.  When you eat an Ugli everyday, you would steer clear of hypertension, strokes, cancers and cataracts even heart ailments too.

7. The pulp in the fruit has bioflavonoids and flavonoids, which are phenols also known as potent antioxidants. They help beat free radicals which can create cancers on the skin and in various parts of the body.

8. There are a lot of dietary fibre in the Ugli, which can help, promote and heal the issues of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation and harrowing bowel movements would now be a thing of the past.

9. Since it has anti fungal properties, the paste of an ugli can be used as a mask. It helps rejuvenate the skin and keeps the body and hair in good health as well.

Ugli Fruit
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More Benefits:

The fruit has anti allergic properties, which helps beat various allergies. It also is known to keep blood pressure in check, strengthens the immune system and keeps away infections from the body too.  Health experts say that the fruit could be a good way to lose weight and manage a sexy waist line too. All in all, the ugli can be a refreshing welcome to life, so why not have it?

You could have the fruit in any ways you want, or even add it to a dish and make it tasty.

  • Salads
  • Juices
  • Marinades
  • Sauces
  • Smoothies
  • With cereals
  • With brownies
  • With biscuits
  • With cakes
  • Or the whole fruit

There are many blogs and websites which would teach you more about cooking or consuming an ugli. We would encourage you to read more and apply the same as well. If you do have any more tips, ideas and suggestions, please do send them in, and yes, please remember, you are most welcome to send us recipes using ugli as well. Sharing is caring, and wouldn’t it be nice when someone credits you for their good health, using your recipe, tips and ideas?

These were the best nine reasons why we love ugli. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you.

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