How to Use Turmeric For Acne / Pimples?

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Among one of the common problems of the skin, something that not only every woman but also every man dreads of is acne. Also known as pimples, this is one of the frequent occurring issues among millions and millions of people around the globe. There are innumerable products specializing in acne treating that are available in the market but then how effective they are is still a matter of debate. Apart from this there are natural boons given to mankind that has medicinal properties for the skin and can treat all kinds of crisis you might be facing. The belief in homemade treatment is something that you will develop only when you see visible results that it gives.


One of the products that can be used without second thoughts for acne treatment is turmeric. It has major benefits for the skin and can be used in a variety of ways to treat pimples. Check this list below to get the best ideas on using turmeric for acne cure. Pick up a combination of 2-3 to get faster results.

1. Paste of Turmeric:

One of the easiest and the most convenient recipes from turmeric that can help in keeping acne at bay is turmeric paste. Mix some water with turmeric and make a smooth paste. This should be applied to the acne affected area and left for a while. It will not only treat the acne but also prevent its growth. Apply on a routine basis to get the desired outcomes.

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2. Turmeric and Honey:

Mix some honey and turmeric in a way that it becomes a paste consistency. This should be applied twice daily on the pimples to get the outcomes of treatment of pimples. Make sure you use good quality turmeric and honey for the results.

3. Turmeric and Sandalwood Paste Application:

Mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder and turmeric and make a paste of it by mixing rose water in it. This should be applied on the acne for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the paste from the skin using lukewarm water. It is bound to help.

4. Turmeric and Olive Oil Paste:

About two spoons of turmeric powder with half spoon of olive oil is a great remedy for pimples on the skin. If olive oil is not available, sesame oil can be used as a good substitute. There are antibiotic properties in turmeric powder that shows the treatment fast.

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5. Consume Turmeric Powder:

A spoon of turmeric powder in curries and dishes or else with milk is a good way to treat the pimples internally. It is a good and well-deserving way of treatment to be mentioned here.

6. Turmeric & Rice Flour Combo:

A teaspoon of turmeric with double quantity of rice flour and triple amount of yogurt should be mixed well and applied to the face as a mask. This should be kept for 15-20 minutes as a facial mask to treat the pimples. Rinse with lukewarm water to see the results that you want.

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7. Turmeric and Oatmeal Application:

Oatmeal powder with lentil powder and a little turmeric should be mixed well and then fresh water should be added to it to make a smooth and fine paste. Application of this turmeric and oatmeal mask on the skin for 20 minutes is recommended for acne treatment. Make sure you use warm water to wash off the skin well after the time period. Moisturize the skin with an oil free lotion to nourish the skin and make it soft and supple.

These are some of the high end ways in which you can use turmeric in an efficient manner to treat acne.

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