6 Techniques to Helps Improve your Memory?

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It is your health and vitality that is primarily responsible for your memory and other functions. An active mind has become a pre-requisite in this world. As much as an active and sharp mind is appreciated, all of us know well enough that it is not easy to build such attentiveness and response. But it is possible to train and teach your brain because, the human brain is known to have an astonishing ability to adapt and change no matter how old it becomes. This brilliant ability is known as Neuroplasticity. This ability is nothing but the potential to form new neural pathways, apart from the existing ones. This increases your cognitive abilities, grasping power and improves your memory.

Memory Loss

Follow these steps to improve your memory:

Eat and Sleep Right:

Your ability to remember automatically increases when you give your brain adequate rest and enough but good food. Your brain cannot function to its full capacity if it is rest deprived. Problem-solving capabilities, creativity, analytical thinking tends to become compromised. All the memory key-enhancing activities occur when you sleep. To put it simply, you remember better when you sleep enough.

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Physical exercise increases the level of oxygen in your blood, preventing your brain from reducing its level of attentiveness.  It enhances the effects of all the helpful brain chemicals and protects all the cells from early damage.

Laugh and Spread Happiness:

Laughter engages many regions from all the sides of the brain. Laughter helps to enhance creativity and develop free association. Free association helps to recall better. Crack jokes, make people laugh. It is contagious and will make you laugh as well.

Stress Check:

Chronic stress, if left unchecked, destroys brain cells. It also causes damage to the area of the brain which is involved with memory- retrieval and formation of new ones, called the hippocampus. Anxiety, worrying, stress and depression are all known to interfere with normal and healthy functioning of the brain.

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Brain-Friendly Diet:

Your brain needs to receive the right and adequate amount of fuel for it to function in a healthy manner.

  • Omega-3 is a quintessential for your brain. Get them from walnuts, fish, flaxseeds, soybeans, pumpkins etc.
  • Eating plenty fruits and vegetables will ensure the supply of antioxidants which in turn will protect your brain cells from damage. Make your intake as colorful as possible, so that you consume all types of nutrients.
  • Drink wine or grape juice (in regulated quantity). Alcohol in limited consumption can actually improve cognition and memory. The best option is to drink red wine which contains flavonoids that boosts blood circulation, ensuring its flow in the brain. Cranberry juice is also a good option.
  • Eating complex carbohydrates is also beneficial. Oatmeal, whole-wheat grains and cereals, brown-bread, lentils are rich sources of complex carbohydrates. They keep your brain active.

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  • Working your brain out will actually help you to use and develop new brain pathways, apart from your existing ones. Playing musical instruments, juggling, playing ping-pong, knitting, help improve your eye-brain coordination and spatial-temporal reasoning.
  • It also works like a stress buster, refreshes your mind and also prevents your mind and body from becoming inactive or lethargic.
  • Use mnemonics to associate and remember little things that you usually tend to forget. Associating will enhance the ability to freely associate trivial things to major memories. Relate it to the information that you are already aware of. Building on your previously acquired knowledge will stem it firmer in your memory.
  • Following these simple day-to-day tips will actually help to improve your brain health and memory.

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