10 Simple Tips for Coloured Hair

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For style and for a different personality, more and more people have started experimenting with their skin as well as the hair. Among the various successful experiments, one that surely gives you a complete makeover and in many cases is a requirements to hide grey hair is that of hair colouring. Hair colouring is done with various different products available in the market nowadays. In fact, there are a range of hair colour shades to pick from. Some of us believes in complete hair colouring called full coverage and then there are others who get highlights done on the hair for a specific kind of look. However, one drawback of hair colouring is ammonia that is a chemical agent for bleaching and present in all hair colours. This makes the hair very dry as well as brittle in nature.

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To ensure that you don’t have to go through the same, there are some safe and effective hair care tips for coloured hair that you can follow post colouring. This will help in keeping the good health of the strands as well as restoring the moisture. Check them out and follow regularly after hair colour.

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Pick the Right Shade:

The shade selection should be done with utmost care where hair colouring is concerned. You must be aware that the colour showed on the box is going to be different when applied on the hair. Neutral or warm shades are the best ones to be picked in this case. Softer the name and colour, the better results you get.

Patch Test is Important:

A patch test is very important to ensure that the colour suits your skin and does not cause any allergies. In case of any reactions, its best to change the brand all together.

Perfect Combo:

The box usually has all the combinations and formula mentioned on them that should be followed without fail. Semi-permanent colour if opted for will wash off in 20 shampoo washes. The tight formula helps in keeping the colour stay for long and give you a flawless colour on the hair strands.

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Care before Colour:

Deep conditioning the hair and applying good homemade hair masks on the hair before colouring helps in getting desired outcomes. Also, do not use any kind of chemicals in the hair one month prior to the hair colouring day. This gives the hair the time to repair and renew from any styling you might have done before.

Make Hair Manageable:

Whatever trimming and length cutting you want for the hair should be done before the hair colour to make it more manageable. Also, ensure that all damaged and split end hair is cut before the process.

Hair Conditioning Significance:

To give the hair the strength and volume, hair conditioning before and after the hair colouring process is important. Banana, yogurt and egg can be mixed together in same quantities and applied as a mask on the hair. This will make the hair smooth, soft as well as shiny.

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Non-Shampooed Hair Should be Coloured:

Do not shampoo the hair at least 2 days prior to hair colouring. This will help the scalp retain the natural oils and prevent any damage on the scalp from the hair colour. It also helps in controlling the damage caused by the chemicals on the hair.

Apply Evenly:

To apply the colour evenly, it is important to use a wide toothed comb to achieve the goals. Do not dab the colour on the hair and then try to apply it here and there. For a beautiful hair colour, it is important to have an even application. This will prevent a dark patch here and a light patch there.

Use Specialized Products:

There are specialized products available in the market that has been designed in a way as to protect the hair colour. Use such shampoos, conditioners and serums for the hair after hair colouring.

Deep Condition:

Using oil massages on the coloured hair from time to time with a good massage is highly recommended for coloured hair. This will restore the shine and softness.

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