Top 25 Breast Tattoo Designs

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Breast Tattoos are gaining more and more popularity. Many people are trying these days. If you too think you will want something at the bottom of your chest line or at sides or even above it or may be over it, these are quite showy and you should definitely try these out. Some of these can have associated symbols or other scrolls to these. Many people get these in much way. Positions in which you want to get these done that is a personal thing that you should decide rather than the person doing this on you.

Now another thing that a person should not forget is that these often come with a long line of phrases so if you have to get these removed, it may be quite costly. Often you can go into doing these but you may forget that you may need to get these removed at any point of time. So it is advisable that you keep enough cash ready before going for something like this.

Below are top 25 breast tattoo ideas that you can try out.

1. Curved writing pattern:

Breast Tattoos1

If you like the idea of trends, then this is quite trendy to sport,. This is a new type of breast design that you can try out. As far as the colors are concerned, you can choose from any color that is dark. This is an area which mostly sweats and you keep this covered in your clothes or your inner wear’s strap may go over this place and your skin can get a braised by and by and your design can come off. Therefore you should do it at a place that the abrasion will be less and in that way these can stay for longer times. You can choose from any style of font. That is also that you should choose accordingly and not your artist. You can also get something written in other languages like Arabic and then get this done. The curvature is also quite stylish. If you want something similar then you should try this out.

2. Tribal Feathers:

Breast Tattoos2

The colors can be chosen according to your choices. You can also ask your artist to give you some drawings to choose from. You can get these done in any curved format

3. Cherries:

Breast Tattoos3

This is a very girly pattern and this is quite small. If you do not want to have something that is very large then you can try something like this. This is also quite colourful and therefore quite showy.

4. Lotus for chest:

Breast Tattoos4

This is a lotus pattern that has been done with embossing effects. You can too give something like this a try. This can be chosen to get done in a color of your choice. You can also draw inspiration from other floral formats

5. Tribal pattern at a side:

Breast Tattoos5

This is a disjointed pattern that is done at a single side and then it is extended to the centralized portion. This is quite artistic and you can too, get something like this done. You can choose a different color for this and you can wear this with much ease. You can also try other styles of this. You should talk this out with your artist and he will better guide you as regards this.

6. Hearts for side:

Breast Tattoos6

This is quite stylish and also trendy. You can too, get a similar pattern done. This is done on a single side. This looks fashionable and not on both the sides. You can use different colors instead of the black and skin tone here. You can also have something similar but not this same format. You can make the curvature different and you should talk this out with your artist.

7. Designer frontal pattern:

Breast Tattoos7

This is a colourful designer pattern. You can get something like this done on you. You should get the design first drawn by your artist If that person is expert with his drawing skills he should be able to get you a customized pattern. You can then use temporary inks to get his on yourself. Then you can have the permanent thing done because this is quite a large scale drawing. If you do not like it later then you will have to spend a lot of money to get this removed.

8. Symbolic stars:

Breast Tattoos8

These can be done quite easily. You will not have to spend a lot of time at the parlour to get this done. You can choose other colors for this. This is also stylish and you can add writings with this. If you want then you can use the curvature to be done on a side chosen by you. You can also use other symbols with this. Later you can extend this with floral prints and other birds or similar patterns.

9. Curved writing:

Breast Tattoos9

This is quite a common design. You can choose different types of font styles for this and then you can custom write something for yourself.

10. Musical notes:

Breast Tattoos10

This is quite an artistic thing that you can too, get done. This looks trendy and is quite girly at the same time. You can draw inspiration from this and then you can make something similar. This is done with some colors of your choice and you can choose colors accordingly. The size can also be adjusted with the position. If you wnat this this large then this should be done in a stretched out format like shown above. If you do not want this large this you can also reduce the length and then do this accordingly.

11. Quotes with meanings:

Breast Tattoos11

12. Artistic writing:

Breast Tattoos12

You can do something like this. This is only a dark colored writing that you can do on your own style. You can ask the artist to get a properly shaped font style for you and then you can too, have something like this. The size can be adjusted according to needs. You can take the symbols from other styles and then add those. You can custom create something like this.

13. Artistic Birds:

Breast Tattoos13

This is done in pencil format which is gaining more and more popularity these days. You can get something like this done on yourself. This is done quite high near the upper portion and therefore when you wear something that has hanging sleeves this will stay covered. So this will not be much of a problem to sport you can do this if you want something that is girly. You can choose different colores for the ink and also get this done in a different way.

14. Dolphins:

Breast Tattoos14

If you want something all across the chest area, you can try out something like this. This is quite artistic but you must remember that is this a large pattern and therefore will take a lot of time at the parlour to get done and also removal of this may be very tough.

15. Hourglass tattoo:

Breast Tattoos15

This is a common design for many similar formats. Various people get similar styles done on them. If you want something that is large and on a wide scale then this is what you can draw inspiration from and try out.

16. Skull tattoo:

Breast Tattoos16

This is quite a dark and very 3D art. You can too, get something similar to this. If you want something that has this type of effect then you can draw inspiration from this. Talk this out with your artist.

17. Artistic wide writing:

Breast Tattoos17

This is an artistic writing. You can get something like this in a moderately large scale. The larger the more prominent it will look. You can do this smaller as well but in that case you will have to keep it less stylish.

18. Vertical prints:

Breast Tattoos18

If you are looking for something that has tribal prints, then you can try this out. This is different from other styles but if you are not comfortable with this then you should do something inspired from this but which is more customized to suit you.

19. Half flower print:

Breast Tattoos19

This is quite a showy and girly thing. You can do something like this. You can chose colors of your choice. This is quite detailed and you can get a customized drawing for this. You can do it on a smaller or wider scale.

20. Floral prints:

Breast Tattoos20

You can get something like this. This is quite girly and colourful.

21. Stylish font setting:

Breast Tattoos21

This is done in stylish writing and you can also draw inspiration from this.

22. Gothic style:

Breast Tattoos22

You can get something like this. This has associated patterns and prints at the sides as well.

23. Centralized Anchor:

Breast Tattoos23

This can be easily done. You can get something similar.

24. Dragon print:

Breast Tattoos24

This is quite a good setting for a moderate size pattern. You can also do something like this.

25. Ruby design:

Breast Tattoos25

This is a new type of pattern that you can draw inspiration from. You can make this in varied colors. This looks quite showy.

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