Top 9 Health Benefits of Tangerine

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Tangerines have been across many centuries as one of the most wanted and desired fruits all. There are good reasons too, for one it helps keep the body and mind happy with its lovely taste, aroma and flavour. It also has essential oils for beauty care and cooking too.


Mandarin oranges or tangerines are a delight to munch on or have as juice. This is a fruit with citrus qualities and full of power, on the lines of;

  • Compounds
  • Flavonoids
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • Folate
  • Potassium

Right from caring for the DNA in our body to taking care of the heart and the bones, tangerines do wonders for the human body and every organ within. Thanks to the abundance of iron and vitamin A in it, along with vitamin C too, tangerine ensures that the body stays fit and fine at all times.

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The skin of tangerines is reddish orange, and across many cuisines in Asia it is eaten. The calorie levels of tangerine is low, just a cup has 103 calories, say experts, which is good for the health conscious people. So instead of spending so much on health supplements that come over the counter in fancy packages, why not choose to use the blessings of Mother Nature.

Tangerines can be eaten or drunk as juice, and you can be innovative and come up with your own recipes too. Check online and you would find a million recipes on healthy eating with tangerines as the main ingredient.



1. Tangerines have plenty of flavonoids in them, which help fight cancer cells. The flavonoids have been studied and it has been shown that the cancer cells are beaten and stopped too. Basically, flavonoids are nothing but antioxidants which help stop free radicals from doing their damage. These free radicals are culprits which damage the skin and create ailments too. Thanks to the flavonoids present in the tangerines, blood flow too would be better, and the heart would also stay happy sans blockages of arteries and oxidation of LDL in the body.

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2. Tangerines are a powerhouse of plenty vitamins, such as A and C, which help as gladiators fighting against free radicals that cause damages. The presence of vitamin C in tangerines help with the collagen synthesis in the body, nicks, cuts, wounds etc are healed thereby, and the bones, tendons, ligaments and even the blood vessels are made strong too. With vitamins one can have a lot of iron in their bodies too, which is an essential mineral for the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream, say experts.

3. Tangerines have plenty of folate in the, which helps with the important functioning of the body. New cells are formed with folate and maintained too, and this helps RNA and DNA build itself as well. Pregnant women and nursing mothers would be helped the most consuming tangerine juice, since vitamins are most importantly needed at this stage of life, say doctors. DNA changes are also stopped by the folate and vitamins, which if not present can make the body weak against fighting off cancers and the RBC count would go low too

4. Tangerines are a rich source of potassium, a mineral which has an impact on body tissues, cells and organs. Potassium also helps the kidneys function well, the nerves and the muscles too, and it aids the digestive system and keeps the heart happy as well. Bones too are taken care off and made strong over time, and potassium helps bring down the risks of high blood pressure and strokes as well.

5. As tangerines have plenty of antioxidants in them, the flower, leaves and the fruit pulp when made into paste and applied on the skin does wonders as a facial masque.  Even for inflammation, one can use the paste of tangerine and seek relief. Medically proven, the paste of tangerine has helped fight against arthritis and skin ailments, wounds, cuts and nicks too.

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6. Pectin and hemi-cellulose is present in tangerines, which help the body do away with LDL and doesn’t let it get into the blood stream. The fibers mentioned help with keeping the colon clean, the digestive system happy and in weight reduction too, so no obesity to be bothered off when you guzzle a glass of tangerine prior to meal time.

7. Thanks to the dietary fiber in tangerines, digestion is taken care of and the body works well overall. Chronic ailments of varied kinds are kept at bay when tangerine juice is consumed daily. Even heart diseases as mentioned earlier can take a beating, thanks to the dietary fiber and the vitamins in the fruit.

8. There are specialized carbs in tangerines which helps loosen the bowel movements, so no more crying your lungs out every morning. This also helps prevent intestinal pains and stomach aches, hemorrhoids too.

9. As garnishing, tangerines have always ha a special place in the homemaker’s dishes. Chopped sections of the fruit have helped make many meals a delight, even frozen parts of the fruit could be used for desserts and ice-creams as well. Make a smoothie and enjoy the drink served chill, if you please. Add a few herbs for flavor and you have made yourself a fun medicinal drink too. The vinegar of tangerines help with dressing of salads, need we say more!

These were the best nine reasons why we love tangerine. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you. Dont forget to have a little today!!

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