10 Rare Pictures of Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup

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Tamannaah Bhatia is an Indian actress mainly working under Kollywood, basically the south Indian cinemas. Tamannaah born and brought up in India, Maharashtra started her career in the early fall of 2005 and since then she has soared up higher and higher. As the tale goes, actresses are dolled up under the bright studio lights with professional makeup and clothing and thus they all look perfect and compact on camera but is Tamannaah one of those actresses who would dazzle off screen too?

Latest Pictures of  Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup:

That Million Dollar Smile:

tamanna without makeup1

Here is the first picture of Tamannaah, where she is sporting her fabulous million dollar smile. Here you can easily understand those perfect peachy tones are not just a layer or makeup but her natural radiant self. The red rouge in her face too is natural as she looks plain with her hair brushed back and parted.

The Pretty Self:

tamanna without makeup2

My grandmother being an old timer would often boast how a simple bindi can bring about changes in your look and attitude. Bindis are a strong tradition that we Indians follow and hence, here when Tamannaah dressed herself up in her traditional attire with a bindi she looked marvelous. The fact that she has no makeup on adds to the effect all the more.

Just a Casual Coffee Day:

tamanna without makeup3

Tamannaah maybe the big shot actress running from sets to set, but she always finds out time for a hangout with her buddies and that is what exactly she was doing one fine afternoon when this picture of her was shot. She had her glasses propped up in her otherwise smoothened free falling mane while she without makeup looked radiant and flawless.

Casual Chic:

tamanna without makeup4

Once again Tamannaah took to her natural bubbly self as she sported her boyish bob curled and waved up for volume. Here she has a lip tint on but her face clear and neat is flawless as ever. It is almost like she never will be needing makeup ever. She is clad in a grey casual top with a comfy mauve bottom.

The Simpleton:

tamanna without makeup5

Tamannaah off camera has always opted for less extravagance and hence when the studio lights are no flashing on her she lets her hair down and goes casual and chic with her flawless skin. Here in this picture, Tamannaah looks awesome without her makeup and thus looks extremely pretty.

The Diva:

tamanna without makeup6

Once again Tamannaah proves how she can be flawless and at the same time be impeccably beautiful without having to put much effort on her looks. Here in this picture, you wouldn’t believe nut she actually has no makeup on. Those colors are natural maybe with a little rouge as she poses for the camera.

Traditional Beauty:

tamanna without makeup7

once again Tamannaah breaks all rumors as she proves how a simple makeup cannot define her beauty or control it within her hands. Tamannaah here dressed up in her traditional looks and once again with a bindi on her forehead she rocked the look with flawless features.

The White Angel:

tamanna without makeup8

She always does not dress up and leaves her attires to the comfort level, but in this picture, Tamannaah dresses and dolls up with the help of a plain beautiful laced white tee and with her layers looking perfect she dazzles here even without makeup.

The Fresh Face Challenge:

tamanna without makeup9

Is anyone challenging themselves to this fresh faced beauty who looks marvelous in hers bare face picture. The close up reveals how radiant and flawless skin’s tone she portrays.

The Glow:

tamanna without makeup10

Once again Tamannaah bedazzles us as her pretty pink puckers curl up in a smile and her skin healthy and radiant glows in a beautiful hue with a soft touch of golden matte.

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