Top 10 Star Tattoo Designs

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If you are fascinated by stars, you have pretty wide variety to choose from.

Stars signify hope, faith and shooting stars can help you recall a special moment.

You can get stars in any part of your body and you are bound to look great with some stars.

Star tattoos signify wishes and their want to complete these wishes by hook or by crook. There is never a time that we have everything that we ever wanted so they want to have more always arises. Star tattoos are the perfect way to portray these wants.

The art form allows for better versions of every piece of work thus there is never an end to designs, but it is up to us to derive the best tattoos out of the lot, tattoos do not only mean flashy colors and large skin coverage, tattoos are meant to have meaning. Star tattoos though small have a tremendous amount of meaning in our daily lives helping us deal with even the biggest of problems.

The top ten star tattoos are as follows:-

1. Butterfly and stars tattoo:

star tattoo designs1

How about a few butterflies and a lining of stars?

They are going to give you that feminine touch and look uber pretty. This tattoo is actually a ladies basic tattoo and therefore is very popular worldwide. Due to its feminine touch it is never missed when browsing through a catalogue.

2. A single star tattoo:

star tattoo designs2

I personally feel a single star just below your collarbone, can make you look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
Whether you wear a tube top or an off shoulder blouse, the little star sneaking out will add to your charm.

3. Skull star tattoo:

star tattoo designs3

How about a star with a dangerous skull peeking out? It will be a combination of naughty and nice, perfectly defining your personality.

If you are a daredevil kind, I’ll ask you to go for it!

4. Nautical star tattoos:

star tattoo designs4

If you are looking for a hidden meaning behind your soft spot for stars, get a nautical star tattoos, which has been a sign for the sailors in the olden days, that stars will guide them home.

5. Colorful stars tattoo:

star tattoo designs5

Getting a lot of stars with different colors will not only be different, but also very stylish.
Your love for stars, and how much you believe in them can be understood and how colorful you want your life to be.

6. Shooting stars tattoo:

star tattoo designs6

If you are not looking for a simple star, you can might as well get a shooting star, which is a strong notation of hope and wishes.

It is motivating to look at, and done properly it can be one your best tattoos.

7. Designer stars tattoo:

star tattoo designs7

Don’t want your star tattoo to look bland?

Get some pretty designs done around the star, or inside the star. You can even write a small quote of your choice to highlight the stars.

8. Celtic stars tattoo:

star tattoo designs8

Are you a fan of Celtics and still want to keep it feminine? How about a Celtic star!
They look bold and beautiful and can be done in black, dark blue or grey ink.

9. Pentagon star tattoo:

star tattoo designs9

Instead of coloring the inside of the star, what better idea than just to have the outline, which can look like a pentagon and a star at the same time.
Get creative, guys!

10. Neck star tattoo:

star tattoo designs10

Beautiful looking stars, flowing down the back of your neck when you have your hair piled up in a bun.
You’ll be every girl’s envy, you can carry off the boring tied hair look with much style and look pretty at the same time!

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