Top 10 South India Tourist Places

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South India is an incredible tourist destination and is definitely one of those regions of India you must visit. This place is where you will have the golden opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself and indulge into some fun filled activities than going through normal and sometimes monotonous activities. From beaches to hill stations to temples, this place has every single thing you need in order to make your holiday memorable and long lasting. You can opt for some good tourist packages and get going to this place as soon as possible. For now, let me give you the top ten places you must visit when you come here. All of them are picturesque and beautiful and have been widely appreciated by all tourists and visitors.

1. Bangalore:

South India Tourist Places1

Come to the lovely and clean city of Bangalore and be enchanted by the beauty here. This place is absolutely gorgeous. Not only is it modern, but also has some really wonderful locations you must try once. The malls here are excellent and you may be able to have the best shopping experience ever. Don’t forget to try out the amusement parks and the delicious and amazing South Indian food offered here. The churches in Bangalore are also quite beautiful. So if you want some peace and quiet, we suggest you to visit the cathedrals as well.

2. Beaches of Mangalore:

South India Tourist Places2

Mangalore is another beautiful city in South India located right next to Bangalore. This place has some of the most scenic and gorgeous beaches you shall ever see. The balmy weather, calm atmosphere, golden and sandy beaches and crystal clear water are all you need for a good holiday. Here you can relax and have a wonderful time with all your friends and family. You must come here at least once when you come to South India.

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3. Kerala:

South India Tourist Places3

The beautiful state of Kerala is the pride of South India. This place has been visited by more than thousands of people every year and is definitely one attraction that you should visit once. You can come here during any time of the year and we guarantee you will be enchanted by its wonderful locations and places. The mangrove forests, coconut groves, paddy fields and waterways the best views you shall ever find here. The accommodation here is pretty good and the food is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t seen this, then you really haven’t seen the beauty of South India.

4. Mysore:

South India Tourist Places4

Mysore is the city of history and culture. Here you will find a wide variety of temples, tombs, palaces, art galleries and gardens. This place is best known for its scenic beauty and wonderful tourist attractions. If you are going on a trip to South India soon, you cannot afford to miss out on Mysore. Some of the places we would definitely recommend you would be the Mysore Palace, Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery, Brindavan Gardens and Balmuri Falls.

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5. Ooty:

South India Tourist Places5

Speaking of South India, it would be insane if we leave out Ooty. This hill station is one of the top reasons why South India is so popular. It is a summer charm for tourists and has a serene environment which will mesmerize your senses and leave you happy and exhilarated. This is an ideal location for romantic getaways and holidays and has been one of the top most visited locations in the whole of South India. Once you come here, make sure you visit the Dodabetta Peak and Botanical Garden. They are all equally beautiful and enthralling.

6. Munnar:

South India Tourist Places6

Munnar is another hill station you will find in South India. This place is located in Kerala and is an incredible location indeed. Even though we have mentioned Kerala earlier, this is just to remind you that Munnar is a very unique location in Kerala and has to be visited. The tea plantations and beautiful lakes are some of the most natural and charming attractions you shall find here. Don’t forget to visit the National Park here. It is the abode of flora and fauna and is a wonderful and panoramic place to explore in the whole of South India.

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7. Idukki Hill Station:

South India Tourist Places7

Another blessing of South India is the Idukki Hill Station. This is one of the most spectacular and scenic locations you shall find in the whole of India. The place is enchanting, gorgeous and balmy all throughout the year. The pleasant weather and serene atmosphere are all you need to make that holiday long lasting and fun filled. You can try trekking here and visit the verdant forests as well. Don’t forget the elephant rides, brilliant valleys and wildlife sanctuaries will give you a lifetime experience indeed.

8. Aruku Valley:

South India Tourist Places8

Nothing matches the unparallel beauty of the Aruku Valley. The dense forests and natural waterfalls are some of the best and most beautiful things you shall experience here. This is one of the most attractive tourist places all over the country and has also received a lot of appreciation. When you come to South India, make sure you visit Aruku Valley.

9. Coonoor:

South India Tourist Places9

Another place we must mention is Coonoor. This city is one of the most famous and well known destinations of Nilgiri Hills and is about 19 kilometres away from Ooty. Known for its tourist attractions and scenic locations, this place has the best collection of trees and plants. The Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, Lady Canning’s Seat are some of the common yet bet destinations located here and all of them are absolutely spectacular. You can also try cool activities like trekking and rock climbing too.

10. Peermade:

South India Tourist Places10

The land of Peermade is absolutely exquisite and stunning. This place is known for the natural landscapes and scenic beauty. The sprawling tea, coffee, cardamom and eucalyptus and pine forests are truly some of the best things you must see.

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