15 Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men

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Most men prefer not to spend too many minutes grooming up their hair. However, keeping an eye on your hair doesn’t mean you need to spend significant amount f time holstered up in your bathroom, using proper measurement to figure out the right angle for your spikes. Okay, few people do that!

So here is the top 15 most casual and classy look that is extremely easy to fix up and get yourself out of the house. Now!

1. Cool Backbrushed Undercut Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men1

Nothing speaks classy like this business sassy haircut that has been made popular by one and only David Beckham. It calls for a lot of volume on the crown. The best way to get this look is simply brush back your top hair portion back and slightly to the right. Then casually pass your hand through it and voila! You know what they say; bend it like Beckham!

2. Side Swept Spiked Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men2

This is one of the coolest hairstyles guys turn to when they need to impress their girlfriends. And why not, these hairstyles do have a personality of their own. All you need to do is part your hair to the side while pushing all the volume to the front. The final semi- matte finish look adds on to your perfect appeal.

3. Side Fringes:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men3

Okay, fringes aren’t just for the girls, they have a separate kind of appeal in the realm of boys and this one just tops everything else. For this look you need a blow dryer to do your job. The silkier the hair the better it is, so use a good quality shampoo. After blow drying your hair form the centre to each side of your head simply brush your hair to one side of your foreheads with your fingers. That’s all!

4. Messy Textured Bangs:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men4

There’s a little secret to how you can keep changing your hairstyles almost every day. Simply keep few lengths on the top as it gives you many options to experiment with. The messy textured bangs are usually styled with using a wax spray on your bangs. Then simply bring them forward and give a lot of texture and definition to them with your fingers.

5. Blow Dried Back Brush Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men5

This haircut also calls for you to leave a lot of length on the top. However, instead of being slicked, simply brush them back and to one side. Then blow dry it to give it a more beach effect. Finally flatten your sides backwards. It creates a semi- matte finish with subtle texture.

6. The lohawk to Mohawk:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men6

This hair style is pretty interesting because it undergoes a transition from a lohawk in the front to a Mohawk in the back. Simply blow dry your wet hair upwards and to the centre. Pull it through your fingers to create a rippling effect. Finally, pinch your hair at various places to add more texture. However, it is not recommended for people with head pointed upwards as it would emphasis the pointy-ness.

7. The messy Up do:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men7

This hairstyle is one of the most classic hairstyles with a little twist. It has a tapered appearance with a lot of volume and texture. Simply power dry your hair while lifting it in front upwards. Style the upwards directing hair and the ones to the sides with your fingers. Then flatten both the sides downwards with your fingers. This creates an interwoven combination that automatically adds an illusion of weight.

8. The top length and side crop:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men8

This hairstyle includes feature lengths on top, cropped sides, a blunt perimeter and a tapered back. With so much height and texture in front, it’s no wonder girl love to stroke their fingers through their men’s hair. Detail the front length with your fingers and tilt them slightly to one side. Fix them all up with hairspray to hold them in one place. Hairs with medium texture will work the best.

9. The Short Wavy Haircut:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men9

For this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair short all over while keeping the top middle portion longer as it reaches to the front. Style your top forward and transition them upwards with your fingers. The best would be to blow dry your hair upwards with a comb as it forms an even appearance for it.

10. The fauxhawk:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men10

The fauxhawk is another adaptation of the Mohawk. Also known as the fake or faux Mohawk, it generally doesn’t include a sharp cut between the long centre pieces and the short sides but a gradual change where you don’t understand the transition line. So, it has a noticeably large top where all the fun resides.

11. The Side Swept Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men11

If classy is your middle name, then this hairstyle is the one for you! This side parted hair style with natural volume on top and slicked sides to the back is simply dripping with too much jazz in it. Since it gives the illusion of depth, it is most suited for all you men out there who think they have too little hair to impress.

12. The Messy Boy Look:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men12

Now honestly, no women can resist the boy who just woke up from bed with no signs of drooping eye bags or rolling down saliva. So how do you achieve that; simply work up the messy boy lookHowever, it’s not just running your hands through your hair randomly. Getting the perfect mess is an art. Also, you may want to try highlights as it works up the texture just fine.

13. The Classic Spikes:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men13

What’s there to talk about this look anyway?Just use a good quality gel to spike up the larger lengths of hair 90 degree and voila, you have a cool punk look to yourself.

14. The Tousled Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men14

All you got to do is blow dry your hair backward with a round brush and flatten out the sides. Evenly apply setting gel on your hair and brush the ends slightly sideways.

15. The Di Caprio Effect:

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Men15

This is the most epic hairstyle ever. It reeks of elegance and class. Who wouldn’t want to look like Hollywood’s most promising actor? The best thing about this hairstyle, after you cut your hair, you only need to brush it with a comb, backwards.

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