Top 18 Short Hairstyles For Girls

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Long flowing hairs are so yesterday. Time to get the bob and sprinkle on a little pixie magic! These short hairstyles for the chick and the funky will create a buzz as you go out looking like a pop sensation. So let your tiny tresses do their magic as you sit back and relax. These tweeny styles will glam up your teeny twists.

Seasons change, and so does the difficulty of maintaining your hair. Want a makeover? Why not cut your hair short! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair as it will grow back. Here are some easy short hairstyles to get you sorted out.

1. Classic Short Bob:

Short Hairstyles For Girls1

Vacations just got over? Sport this easy to do hairstyle for that back-to-school look. Simple and cute, the classic bob never fails to bring out the schoolgirl in you. A bob cut will highlight different parts of your face depending on the kind of cut and there are more options than the classic should you have more time.

2. Bob w. Side-Swept Fringes:

Short Hairstyles For Girls2

Side-swept fringes add interesting angles to the curves of the bob. By offsetting the symmetry your face, they tend to highlight your cheekbones and give the illusion of a longer face. However, fringes do maintain the overall look of a bob.

3. Funky Spikes:

Short Hairstyles For Girls3

Tired of boring, commonplace hairstyles? Try something funky! Cool yet elegant, these gentle spikes are to die for. For this hairstyle, use styling cream instead of gel as you don’t want the spikes to be too pointy. Lightly form your hair into spikes as you work the cream through your hair and keep forming the spikes to one side out front and facing upwards towards the top, creating a gradual pattern. Finish off with a high-hold hairspray.

4. Tomboy:

Short Hairstyles For Girls4

This hairstyle has been used by guys over many years in order to pick up girls. It’s time to use it against them. Have your hair cut really short and into layers. Have your bangs cut sparsely Work some styling gel through your hair, comb all your hair downwards and then tousle a few areas to form a gradual descent into the sparse bangs. Finish off with a medium-hold shine-boosting hairspray.

5. Tinker belle:

Short Hairstyles For Girls5

This hairstyle is not quite like Tinker belle’s, but it has the overall feel of her hair. Sport a shallow bob with long fringes and have it parted from the. Have the fringes one side partially cover one eye from any angle. Have the fringes on the other side trace the outer edge of your face. Finish off with a medium-hold hairspray to make sure that the fringes stay in place.

6. Shaggy Bob:

Short Hairstyles For Girls6

This look combines two casual looks into one unforgettable hairdo. Have your hair cut into edgy layers. Work styling gel through your hair, using your hands to shape it into a messy, but symmetrical bob. Have your bangs reach your eyes and have them partially swept to one side to compliment your eyes. Finish off with a high-hold hairspray.

7. Voluminous Spiky Bangs:

Short Hairstyles For Girls7

You know what makes spikes interesting? Volume. Have your hair cut into sharp layers. Gel your hair. Back comb the ends of the layers so that they look slightly flipped out. Have your bangs the same length as your hair and form them into long, voluminous spikes. Finish off with a high-hold hairspray.

8. Pixie:

Short Hairstyles For Girls8

The Pixie is by far the cutest as well as the sexiest of short hairstyles. Just ask your stylist what kind of pixie cut you want and you’ll be sporting it in no time! Pixie Cuts are extremely versatile as they go with any face shape, any dress and any occasion whatsoever. So when you’re looking for one short hairdo to rule them all, go for the Pixie!

9. Wild Pixie:

Short Hairstyles For Girls9

What’s different about this Pixie cut is the bangs. The bangs are kept long and swept to wrap around to one side. This look will bring out your inner forest sprite and give you a wilder, more natural look. Who said pixies have to look cute all the time?

10. Classic Bob:

short hairstyles for girls10

The bob cut for those with naughtiness running through their veins. Goes easily with jackets or gowns – the gang grunge look for the wild and the young at heart.Looks best on straight hair and even the slightly wavy hair. Glam it up with streaks of different kind and go out on your spree. Make sure you keep the bangs long and frisky. Keep the minxy glint in your eye sparkling for more stories to tell.

11. Straight to the Fringes:

short hairstyles for girls11

Not too long and definitely not too short. This corporate look is the new dolled up glam. Let your hair be evenly cut till your neck and keep the locks, wavy and sleek. Let the whole style be in fringes. Surprise your pals by teaming this up with a chic shirt or a little white summer dress. Don’t forget to put extensions for the clubbing fun with this easy breezy look.

12. Pixie Bomb:

short hairstyles for girls12

The original punk look for who do not need classy to be cool. You don’t need a head full of thick and luscious hair to define your feminine beauty. You keep it short and surprising.  Looks dazzling on platinum blondes and raven blacks. If you are a tattoo maniac and an adventurer at heart, then this is the look for you.

13.Textured Layers:

short hairstyles for girls13

This simple easy breezy look is going hip this summer. Let your hair be snipped to layered bangs. Blow-dry the back of your hair and let a small dab of serum hold it in place. Keep the front fringes loose on the forehead and sides. Loom good for a tea date or even a night of wild escapade.  Doll it up with extensions and gloss of your choice.

14. Shaggy Bangs:

short hairstyles for girls14

This is the ultimate pixie for the ones who play it cool. Completed with fusion streaks and a smirky look, the shaggy fringe will make you stand out in the crowd for your unique beauty.  Get an uneven snip off and let one side be straight and free falling. Side your long bangs to one side and let the look work its magic!

15. Neat Pixie:

short hairstyles for girls15

Nothing looks heavenly than a simple bob cut gone classic. Looks best on dramatic faces with a hint of mischief. It can be done by simply applying gel and let it take its course after parted. This English boy look trends from school-goers to professionals and looks chic with long earrings.  Keep the front-most tress shorter than the rest.

16. Tousled Spikes:

short hairstyles for girls16

We have all seen X-Men to know whose hairstyle this is inspired from. This tough on looks grunge style is for the wild and the youth. Spike it or simply blow dry. This short messy look is for the ones ready to experiment without looking bad and out of shape. Keep the ends spiked and gel it up for the fringy effect. Suits best with leather jacket or a classy fusion pose.

17. Mohawk:

short hairstyles for girls17

This tribal glam is up for grabs this summer. Let your pixie cut get a whole new dimension with this hard to beat style. Create a crew cut on both the sides and maintain a line of thick fringes on top.

18. Tennis Pro:

short hairstyles for girls18

This Ultimate gym look is hassle free and soothing. The fresh look for summer for those who choose comfortable in place of glam. But make sure your forehead is proportionate. This soothing look is for the people who like the breeze to keep them content. It has the power to create a comfy environment.

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