Top 9 Short Bangs Hairstyles

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It doesn’t take long that you get bored of your short hair and run out of hairstyles. Here is an accumulation of the top 9 hairstyles for short hair with bangs that you may not have tried out!

1. Side swept:

Short bangs hairstyles1

The side swept bangs in this case are perfect for an oval face. The short hairstyle instead of framing the face highlights it thereby adoring the flawless shape of it. The side swept bangs draw attention to the beautiful eyes and also covers a large portion of the forehead. This haircut needs comparatively longer hair in the front for styling the bangs while the hair in the rear portion of the head is trimmed short.

2. Bang with bob:

Short bangs hairstyles2

The aim of bob hairstyles in general is to frame the face. Bob hairstyles can be donned by women having oval, round or oblong face shapes. For the oblong face shape, this haircut with some fringes in the front works quite well as it aims at hiding a portion of the forehead thereby creating the illusion of a more rounded face shape.

3. Front bangs:

Short bangs hairstyles3

Women with oval faces can try this style out! This hairstyle has front bangs which cover half the length of the forehead instead of covering the full length and framing the eyes which most front bangs generally do. This hairstyle reduces the length of the forehead but only to a certain minimum. The slightly wavy hair which falls at both the sides of the face highlights the cheekbones.

4. Tousled fringes:

Short bangs hairstyles4

For women who are really bored of trying on new hairstyles for your short hair, here’s one that you could actually enjoy! This hairstyle looks flamboyantly sexy and charming. Having said that, the hairstyle is easy to style and is much easy to maintain too! Best suited for oval faces, the hairstyles tousled looks does all the hard work for you. By throwing in some side swept bangs with the front hair you can very well frame the eye and even set higher standards with this hairstyle.

5. The head-gear look:

Short bangs hairstyles5

When I say headgear, I mean the headgear we tend to see in sci-fi films, but only much more chic and sleek. Keeping your eye brows as a reference you must cut your hair to that length all along the forehead and increase the length of the hair around the ears. This will result in a hairstyle that is short and all bangs in the front and which gradually transcends into a bob cut behind! You will need to have proper, thick straight hair to don this hairstyle.

6. Wavy bob with bangs:

Short bangs hairstyles6

If you have naturally wavy hair, part your hair on one side and let your waves flow from the top of your head till your jaw. This hairstyle requires a medium to thick hair quality to style. Throw in some bangs at the front to add to the wavy bob and there you go… you have the recipe to look beautiful!

7. Messy fringes:

Short bangs hairstyles7

Very easy to style and extremely easy to manage, all you’ve got to do is after shampooing blow dry your hair and style it in this fashion using just your fingers so that you get that messy feel and stay away from brushes to avoid a polished look. This hairstyle gives a kind of a beachy vibe.

8. Egyptian look:

Short bangs hairstyles8

You kind of get reminded of the Egyptian times when you gander at this particular hairstyle, isn’t it? This hairstyle basically consists of two styles. Firstly an asymmetrical bob (for the most part!) and some front bangs (for the lesser part!).

9. Pointed bangs:

Short bangs hairstyles9

These bangs are quite interesting. With hair cut short in the front, the length of the hair is gradually increasing till it reaches the symmetrical center of the forehead.

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