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One of the former model and actress and one of the best faces of tinsel town, Preity Zinta is an Indian actress now mainly focusing on her cricket team, Kings XI Punjab. However in her early years after she graduated with caudally criminal psychology, she took to the films and grew up to be one of the best female faces of the B-town. Her beauty has been much talked about in her late years and doing a run through here are some of her images without makeup.

Beautiful Images of Preity Zinta without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the best Preity Zinta no makeup photos.

1. Game Face On:

preity zinta without makeup1

Preity Zinta is not only a former actress but now a renowned owner of Kings Xl Punjab, her cricket team in the Indian Premiere League. Here in this picture, Zinta was busy directing her players and in the hit of the moment one pap decided to snap a picture of her. Even though she looks tensed and worried, her skin remains flawless and happy.

2. The Traditional Diva:

preity zinta without makeup2

A girl’s best friend is her liner and gloss and like many Preity here chose to go with just the basics. Pretty sure about her traditional attire, she dressed herself up in a sober colored red bordered suit and let her hair down as she went makeup less and pretty.

3. The Walk By:

preity zinta without makeup3

Even now when she is aged older she still does not hesitate when it comes bright colors perfect and well built. The walk by here shows a busy Preity not wanting to stop for a proper picture but when has that ever stopped a pap from clicking a picture. Even though her face is angled you can see how radiant and flawless she really is.

4. The Tired Look:

preity zinta without makeup4

Every once in a while, our celebs get photographed looking tired and exhausted. This is just one of those pictures that suggest a long slacking day was just successfully completed by the pretty in pink Preity Zinta as evitable under eye bags were visible. Nonetheless, she looked sober and her bubbly self.

5. The Close Up:

preity zinta without makeup5

Preity Zinta has always been known for her baby doll face and beautiful looks and even with a hazel brown lens, Preity here looks stunning. Her face is makeup less except for maybe a hint of lip balm matte in texture. Her hair is swept and parted to the side and she looks absolutely flawless.

6. The Cricket Match:

preity zinta without makeup6

Once again we meet the gorgeous Preity Zinta on the cricket grounds actively partaking in the happenings of the field. As she guides a background person to something, we can see how flawless she looks in here red jersey paired with simple blue jeans. As usual her hair is free falling and beautiful.

7. The Elegant Look:

preity zinta without makeup7

Preity Zinta keeps surprising us with her beauty as she once again makes the way to the top beauties without makeup. She admits that the liner and gloss is a must have in her purse and she seldom fails to use it. However, without any external base in her face, here she looks quite chic.

8. Lady in Red:

preity zinta without makeup8

Looking just fine in a beautiful red sweetheart neckline dress, Preity decided to doll up her hair and straighten it. But even with her hair brushed and she being adorned in red, the beautiful Zinta has a simple liner and she’s set.

9. With Her Former Love Interest:

preity zinta without makeup9

Here our lady can be seen with her former love interest Ness Wadia as they share a quiet moment together. Half her face is visible here as she looks his way while he talks soft in her ears. Even though her face is serious, she looks serene and calm. Her spot free look remains being her highlighting beauty.

10. Serious Affairs:

preity zinta without makeup10

On recent news, Preity ran a rough course with her love interest when she reportedly filed a complaint against him misbehaving with her. She decided to record her statement and thus here she is ready in her Bandra house looking seriously distraught.

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