Top 8 Exercises to do During Pregnancy for Normal Delivery

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When I was pregnant the only thing that used to come on my mind was the health of my baby and always wished to have a normal delivery. My mother in law always suggested me to eat right diet, which is very much necessary for me and my baby, but I also come to hear from one of my friend who is nurse that right exercises is too important. During pregnancy for normal delivery, I followed right regime of exercise and ensured that there would be no complications and I could avoid cesarean section. It’s very important to perform right exercise during pregnancy which can have normal delivery without any complications.

Here are 8 exercises which I followed during pregnancy for normal delivery and they are as follow:-

Opening hips exercise:

Opening hips exercise

Do you know, baby’s umbilical cord gifts lifetime protection during birth. In this exercise you need to do deep squat which will help you in releasing all the energy from your pelvis. 1st take 5 deep breaths when you are in squat pose. 2nd repeat this for at least 2 to 3 times.

Note: – you must not perform this exercise after completing 36 week of pregnancy.

Pelvic stretch exercise:

pelvic streching exercise

For normal delivery it’s very effective to do normal delivery. You can perform this exercise on pillow or ball or a chair. Keep your feet at the ground, keep your back straight and stretch your legs apart. This exercise will help your pelvis to stretch and move your pelvis to shift backward and forward. You can perform this exercise for maximum 20 times. You must also note that you should feel comfort while doing this exercise.


8 months Pregnancy yoga meditation

For every physical move we make Yoga is best remedy for our body. Yoga helps to develop elasticity and helps to give your body the required endure power but without carrying weights. For normal pregnancy, Yoga is best exercise which can be considered.

Downward Dog exercise:

Downward Dog exercise

To sustaining power to your thigh muscles, you can exercise the downward dog position during pregnancy. Your thighs must be in good holding capacity, during delivery so this exercise will help you with the same. When you do this exercise you must widen your legs and should bend on all four, by raising the hip towards the sky. With slight pressure on thigh muscles you must hold on this position and then you can release.

Aquatic pregnancy exercise:

Aquatic pregnancy exercise

We all know water lightens up your weight so it’s good to perform this exercise during pregnancy. To maintain balance, a pregnant woman should use a float when in water. Lunges and stretches performed in water will help to soothe the muscles and will also avoid acute labor pain.

Angry cat or pelvic tilt exercise:


To avoid pain during labor and delivery, pregnant woman should perform pelvic tilt exercise. If you want normal delivery it’s very important to have good support of your back. So when this exercise is done on all fours, these will strength your back muscles. Once all fours, bend your abdominal muscles and try to pull your buttocks in a line with your stomach and the slowly release it.


pregnancy walking

to lose the extra weight it’s advised to walk as much as you can. During pregnancy, body accumulates lots of bad fat in many areas due to less physical strain. Walking in the park or in the house will help you to create flexibility and avoids gaining bad fat in odd places.

Deep breathing exercises:

pregnancy meditetion

During pregnancy, deep breathing exercise will help you a lot as during delivery phases you need to hold and release your breath several number of times. This exercise will help you to maintain proper respiration for you and your baby.

Note:- each and every woman have different type of body so it’s advisable to contact your doctor before practicing these exercise. Have a safe pregnancy!

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