9 Stunning Pictures of Prachi Desai without Makeup

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P stands for precious, P stands for pretty, P stands for perfection, P stands for Prachi. This Indian actress also known as the pretty woman of India has wowed us over the years with her flawless looks both off screen and on screen. While on screen she is ravishingly seductive and wonderful, off screen she is just the opposite. She is a barbie look-alike with impeccable features and a sound beauty that seeps out through her entire body.

Prachi Desai without makeup

Best Images of Prachi Desai without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Prachi Desai no makeup photos.

1. Perfect Picture:

Picture perfect

The pretty woman on India Prachi Desai in this picture looks flawless. This fair skinned lass even without a sprinkle of makeup looks absolutely perfect in her simple attire without any question. Without any altercations this is the best Prachi Desai picture without any makeup but still she has got that in built airbrushed skin. A true beauty.

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2. Casual Beauty:

Casul cutey

Sighted on a normal day, this is Desai in a white blouse top and black comfortable pants. Her hair simply let down and parted to one side and face covered beautifully with her natural glow, she struts out proudly makeup-less and adorable. A distinct line between her made up face and her natural aura is a hard comparison.

3. Serious Barbie:

Serious Barbie

A perfect real life Barbie, Prachi in this picture resembles one of them barbies that we used to see in those Disney movies. Pretty and dazzling. Flaunting a different hair style with short front bangs and layers she looks too pretty to be true.

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4. A Pretty Pose:

A pretty pose

This is a picture of Prachi Desai with a minimal or no amount of makeup. In general terms, make up refers to the professional made up face which is flawless and glowing. But Prachi doesn’t need makeup to be flawless since she is already born with one. Just a little strawberry pink lips and kohl rimmed eyes- that’s all she needed to complete her look.

5. At Airport:

A picture please

Caught off guard by a sudden photographer maybe unpleasant for many people. But for Prachi it is not a big deal at all.  Dressed in her comfortable white graphic tee and jeans Prachi in her bubbly self was snapped smiling cheerily. The lack of makeup is inevitable in her face but what makes her more appealing is her make up less face which is as stunning as her made up look. She wears her hair in a simple way just by pinning the side with a clip.

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6. Lively and Admirable:

lively and admirable

This is yet another picture of Prachi Desai where she stunningly looks admirable without a hint of makeup on her face. That warm smile and the sparkly eyes accompanying her smooth milky skin and pretty pink lips makes a striking contrast when put underneath her perfect shimmering hair. She indeed is a work of art.

7. A Simple Smile:

A simple smile

Prachi is known for her ravishing beauty. On a recent interview with Time n’ Style Beauty, Prachi spilled some of her secrets to such a glowing healthy skin but even while doing so, she rocked her girl-next-door look as always with a pretty smile and some witty ideas.

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8. Fan Scan:

Fan scan

Celebrities are often caught on streets without their “star cover” on and that is when a fan or group of them flocks to the person for a picture. The picture taken there determines how she looks in reality. That is when we scan their looks and guess who passed out with flying colors? On a fan greet with the fan, Prachi Desai poses for the camera still pretty as always.

9. Simply Flawless:

Simply flawless

This is yet another Prachi Desai picture where she outshines the makeup world with just her simply flawless face highlighted more by the clean pulled back pony. From her mesmerizing glow and sweet smile she clearly is a true beauty.

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