Top 9 Health Benefits of Pear Fruit

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Summer is drawing near and you are probably thinking about all the things you can do in order to beat the heat. According to many experts, a great way to keep yourself cool during the hot months of summer is by having a lot of cold fruits and vegetables. Speaking of fruits, how can we miss out on the sweet and tasteful pears? They are rich in fibre and full of nutritional and health benefits. They also have anti-oxidants which will also help you fight against immunity and other health related problems. Not just that, the soft sweet flesh of these pears can also be used in several healthy recipes. On top of that, there is a large variety of pears from which you can choose. These fresh and healthy gems are great for your skin and hair. So if you would like to learn more about pears, we would suggest you to read this article that has been designed just for your knowledge and understanding.



People who have often complained about their digestive system often suffer with constipation, stomach infection and vomiting. These common problems make your body weak and cause enough discomfort. It also keeps you miles away from living a life that is fit and healthy. Even if we take homeopathic or allopathic help, it is important for us to realize that this will only take care of the problem for a short period of time. For a strong and clean digestive system, you need to have pears. Yes, you heard right. These juice and refreshing fruits will fight all bacteria and germs in your digestive tract and cleanse your system completely. It will improve your colon and your digestive process.

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Pregnant women are always worried about what they should eat during those special months. These are the times when they should be given proper and correct guidance. As we all know, organic food is great for the health but there are certain foods in particular that are great for the health. One of them is pears. They contain folic acid is which amazing for pregnancy as it reduces the chances of birth defects. They improve the overall health of the mother and keep her active throughout the nine months.

Throat Problems:

Pears are also considered ideal for those who have throat related problems. All you need to do is have some medium sized pears throughout the day. You can also slice them carefully and add them to a healthy bowl of salad. The best way to consume pears during the hot months of summer in order to get rid of throat infection or throat related problems is by having a fresh glass of pear juice. All you need to do is take some pears and put them in a blender. After a minute or so, extract the juice and pour it in a glass. Add some pepper for taste and drink it down. You will feel refreshed.


Natural Scrub:

Pears are not just great for your throat and digestion but for your skin as well. The natural enzymes contained in this fruit make it ideal for a nice and healthy homemade scrub. A scrub is usually something that removes all dead cells and dead skin from your body and gives you fairer and younger looking skin. All you need to do for this is boil some pears till they are soft and then mash them. Add some honey to it and mix well. Use it as a normal face pack to exfoliate your skin. The extracts of this fruit can also be used as a gentle peel which helps in the acceleration of cell turnover.

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Great for the Lips:

Pears are also great for your lips. This is because of the lactic acid that is present in the extract of this fruit. This will keep your lips fresh and hydrated and you will never have to face the problem of dark, dry or torn lips. This is also one of the top reasons why several experts have used the goodness of pears in lip balms and lip sticks. Using these products will give your lips a soft, smooth and healthy glow and give your lips a sexy appearance.

Healthy and Shiny Hair:

People who are tired or dull and damaged hair can find a quick and easy solution to this with the help of pears. This fruit has the ability to make our hair nourished, smooth and shiny. It strengthens the hair roots and gives it the daily moisturization it needs. In order to make your hair shiny, you can simply use some boiled and mashed vinegar with some vinegar and water in it. This will act as a great hair vitalize and give you back the lost shine.

A Good Skin Moisturizer:

Many women are tired of looking for homemade remedies they could use daily in order to moisturize their skin. If you happen to be one of them, we would like to tell about the best fruit you can use for this. And you have guessed it right, they are pears. These fresh, juicy and tasty fruits will balance the normal water content of the skin and keep your skin smooth. You will never encounter dry and dull skin because of the goodness of pear fruits.

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Maintains Curly and Coloured Looks:

To maintain the cool and funky shades of your beautiful and curly hair, mash some boiled pears and add soya bean oil to it. Make a paste out of it and spread it all over your hair. Wash off with mild shampoo after an hour and condition well. You will surely see a difference.

No More Frizzy Hair!

To bid farewell to frizzy hair, just consume pears on a regular basis. You will eliminate those tangles and make your hair manageable.

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