Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil is often known as liquid gold for its various benefitting properties. It is considered as basic oil that is used in the various foods in the traditional Mediterranean diet. It is used in salads, for cooking and also in various other beauty treatments. As massage oil it is known to be most popular when it comes to beauty benefits. If you are having any types of dry skin problems then olive oil can be very beneficial. You can use this for other different types of facial usages.

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Olive oil Health Benefits:

1. Reducing Heart Diseases:

Olive oil is considered to be a source of mono-saturated fats and it is very less prone to getting oxidised. The bad cholesterol also known as low density lipoprotein is prevented from getting oxidised when one consumes olive oil. It is said to prevent and preserve the good cholesterol at the same time. Hence olive oil when consumed in moderate amounts in the foods in the form of salads or when used in cooking is said to protect one from heart diseases. Heart risks get reduced when you include olive in the diet. But at the same time one must remember that olive oil should not be consumed in excess amounts.

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2. Anti-Aging Benefits:

When one consumes olive oil, it acts from inside in rebuilding cell tissues and helps to keep the collagen of the skin intact. When you are using olive oil to massage the skin from outside and also including olive oil in your regular diet, you can see a noticeable difference in your skin’s texture and appearance overtime a regular usage and intake. You can also consume raw olives regularly and these are high in Vitamin C which is again a very essential vitamin which helps protect the skin. It keeps your skin toxin free and also helps it to maintain its glow.

3. Cancer Fighting Properties:

Many studies have concluded that olive oil is preferred to any other forms of lipids which are known to prevent cancer. It is said that regular consumption of olive oil in prescribed amounts and not in excess can prevent and protect one from breast, colorectal and other forms of cancer. This is only true for olive oil which is crude and not in refined form. You need to buy extra virgin oils otherwise this property may not be much effective.

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4. Protection Against Free Radicals:

Olive oil is rich in various types of vitamins. This oil is rich in Vitamin A, D, K and E. When you consume raw olive fruits, these are rich in vitamin C as well. When this fruit as oil is consumed, it protects the cells from oxidation. This is very important. With the free radicals damaging one’s body and making it get various types of problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne and also sun burns, this oil can help you give good skin. The problems of skin such as psoriasis and eczema can be reduced and controlled when you include olive oil n your diet. Free radicals have the tendency of oxidising the skin cells which is not a healthy thing.

This can be very harmful to the skin. Many therapies for healing seborrhiec eczema include olive oil in it for its various benefits. Various other forms of skin disorders can be treated with the use of the liquid gold. This also has high anti aging properties as mentioned above. That is another benefit that one can derive from the use of olive oil since it protects the body against free radicals. This also helps protect the body against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Olive Beauty Benefits:

Olive oil has immense skin restoration properties. This is often used as massage oil. This soothes the skin and restores the nourishment to it. It goes deep into the dermal layers of the skin and nourishes it from inside. It can make skin feel and look younger and more youthful. You can use olive oil as a skin and also hair massage oil. When you feel your hair and also the skin or the face needs some rejuvenation and some very good pampering then you can try an olive oil massage. Usually we do not bother to heat up this oil because when you massage this constantly over a certain body area, this oil gets heated by the friction from the palm and gets heated slightly. This helps to let the oil get absorbed by the skin. You can however, consider doing a hot oil massage for the skin or especially for the hair and use this oil to make the best use of it. Olive oil is not very sticky but very light when in pure form as well. You can mix this oil with other essential oils like coconut and wheat germ oil to give you skin some nourishing massage. For the hair, you can mix this oil with coconut oil, avocado oil, mustard oil, neem oil, rosemary oil and some other essential hair oils like amla, castor oil, etc. to give your hair some good rejuvenating massage. The massage will enhance the blood circulation to the scalp and hair roots.

The hair roots will then get nourished which will lead to less hair fall. It is also said that regular massage of the scalp with hot oil can get you rid of dandruff problems if it is due to dryness and flakiness of the scalp. So olive oil can also get you rid of dandruff. Dandruff as we all know of it is a severe skin condition. It mostly occurs on the scalp. The hair roots when get affected by dandruff then these starts to get infected and hair loss begins. On one hand olive oil gets you rid of flaky dandruff and ob the other hand this oil also increases the blood circulation of the scalp. Both these leads to good hair growth and less hair fall. You can try out various other methods to use this wonder oil in your regular beauty routine. Olive oil has various benefits and can be used in various different types of beauty routines. This can also act as warm oil for times when you tend to get cracks on your lips, heels or even the palm or knees.

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Let us see in detail what other beauty benefits olive oil can provide us with.

1. Sunburns:

Olive oil can be used on the skin to get rid of any sun burns. This can be used and massaged regularly in lightly heated or non-heated form on various parts of the body if you have suffered severe sun burns. This has soothing agents and cell rebuilding properties which can help rejuvenate the skin. Not just this, olive oil can be used to sooth the skin and with regular massaging it will help remove any type of sun burn or sun burn patches and discolorations of the skin. You can buy pure oil and use this regularly in circular motions and see the difference in your skin tone. You need to be generous in application of this oil to help it to work properly.

2. Sun Block:

If you are planning to have a time out in the play ground in the summers or you want to take a sun bathing, you should always use sunscreens. However, sunscreens come with a lot of chemicals and these can be harmful to the skin. Especially with the people who have sensitive skin or have other skin problems, they may find it difficult to get a sunscreen which can be suitable to their skin texture and condition. Therefore you can try olive oil which is a natural sun block and use this on your skin. This will give you a protective shield against the sunrays which can be very damaging to your skin. You can massage olive oil on all the exposed parts of your body and you will see sun burns are reduced and skin will not get excessively tanned even if you are out in the sun for long hours.

3. Increases Blood Circulation:

Massaging with any type of oil is said to increase blood circulation. Olive oil has a lot of anti-oxidants and vitamins. You can use this oil to massage your skin. Another point about olive oil is that this oil has a high tendency to get absorbed by the human skin. You can use this oil to massage the legs and thighs and also the back. This will get absorbed in the body properly and will increase the blood circulation. Blood circulation will help you maintain good skin and a good skin texture.

4. Massage Oil:

As already mentioned olive oil increases the blood circulation when used as massage oil. One more benefit arising out of olive oil is that this oil has soothing and cooling benefits. This helps you relax and works in a large way to sooth down the muscles and nerves of the body. This is a natural relaxing oil and even f you do not use any other essential oils to this, this alone can give you a relaxing massage.

5. Less Hair Fall:

A very essential point about olive oil usage is that this oil when massaged on to head gets you rid of dandruff and also helps to get absorbed by the roots of the hair. It gives you lustrous hair and hair fall gets considerable reduced. This is often overlooked and thought that olive oil only is good either in foods and dishes or for massaging the body. Olive oil can be very excellent hair oil which can get you rid of hair fall problems. Your dandruff will also get considerably reduced over time. You can see noticeable difference in the frizzy texture of your hair. This liquid gold will do wonders to scalp skin and also the dandruff problem can be solved.

6. Smoothens Cracked Skin:

If you have the habit of facing cracked heels or cracked lips during dry season or your hands have dry flaky skin, you can try massaging warmed up olive oil on them. This has been a proven technique which is natural and you can d this every day. Expensive spa treatments are not needed when you include this natural liquid gold in your regular beauty care routine. If the problem of cracked heels is giving you a lot of pain when you walk or when the season gets dry, you can make a visible reduction of the dry skin if you massage olive oil for at least 10 minutes each night before going to bed. To further fasten the process of the oil getting absorbed by the feet, one can wear a sock after massaging olive oil.

This same procedure can be repeated when you are facing dry flaky skin on your hands. Addition to this one should wear gloves while cleansing the dishes and use hand moisturizer after having washed hands with any form of soap. Olive oil can be massaged on to the skin of the hand and if the problem is severe,one can wear gloves to keep the hands warm. Doing this overtime can soften the skin of your hands. Many people face the problem of chapped lips. You can fight chapped lips with the usage of olive oil on your lips instead of any kind of lip balm. You can also use little dollop of olive on the lips before going to bed.

7. Make up Cleanser:

This is a favourite usage of many in their beauty care routine when it comes to using olive oil. This is a natural makeup remover and also nourishes the skin. If you are facing problem of dry skin or you need skin rejuvenation after wearing makeup for long hours, you can remove makeup while back home using olive oil taken in a cotton ball. If however, your skin reacts and is not suitable to olive oil usage, you should avoid this.

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