9 Unseen Pictures of Nithya Menon without Makeup

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Nithya Menon is a famous Indian actress that is well known for her beauty and lifestyle. She is seen frequently going out for functions and formal events but you will never find her out of shape or looking bad at all. Nithya loves a, very healthy lifestyle and tries her best to always look at the top of her shape. Nithya has natural curls in her hair which looks absolutely stunning because it suits her face so well. Her hair falls over her face below her shoulders and makes her look absolutely beautiful. Nithya loves to go out and enjoy herself because she believes that life is all about fun and trying to do everything that is possible and slowly she is turning into a great into a great icon for women almost everywhere.

Best Images of Nithya Menon without Makeup:

This article gives the ten best pictures of Nithya Menon no makeup:

1. The Beauty:

nithya menon without makeup1

This Bollywood beauty proves that her looks are truly to die for, no matter how beautiful a person is they will not be able to pull off truly great looks unless they have the confidence to go anywhere without makeup. Nithya has achieved this confidence making her an icon of beauty.

2. The Cute Still:

nithya menon without makeup2

This selfie was taken a few weeks ago while she was on her way to an interview, notice how beautifully elegant she is along with how natural her hair is. Nithya is a naturally cute person who just oozes beauty. She is a doll o the Indian industry and has absolutely flawless skin.

3. Cooperate Look:

nithya menon without makeup3

Nithya was caught on camera while she sported a great cooperate look while she was going to attend an event. This Indian actress has taken the market by storm and has brought a great number of people together to become her followers as she slowly turns into a style statement that many people around the country will start to follow in time.

4. The Outdoor Look:

nithya menon without makeup4

Nithya has taken it upon herself to look good for any event whether it is a day out or an official event she always looks at the top of her game. This picture of Nithya is truly one of a kind and expresses how naturally beautiful this great actress is.

5. The Glam Look:

nithya menon without makeup5

Even on a normal day when there is no shoot Nithya still takes the time out to make herself look pretty not by applying excessive makeup but by making up for her looks by having a very free and natural day which includes eating healthy and drinking plenty of water so that she always remains healthy at all times.

6. The on Screen Look:

nithya menon without makeup6

Even on screen Nithya makes it a point not to use much makeup as she wants to show women everywhere that they have the ability to look great even without makeup. Nithya is a hit in the business and has a very big fan following.

7. The Weekend Look:

nithya menon without makeup7

Nithya has the capability to pull off any look, now you do not expect her to look glamorous even on a relaxing weekend but then again this is Nithya we are talking about. This beauty has the ability to pull off a look even on the weekend because of hr natural beauty.

8. Glamour Look:

nithya menon without makeup8

Nithya is really a beauty and this picture is proof of that, no matter what she tries her best to look great with the least makeup possible therefore she tries to make her life as healthy as possible.

9. The Winner Smile:

nithya menon without makeup9

Nithya is proud of her smile and she knows it makes her look good thus giving her self confidence that many people work very hard to achieve. This confidence makes her a very dominating actress in the industry.

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