Top 9 Mumbai Tourist Places

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Planning a holiday this year and still don’t know where to go? Well we would like to offer you India’s finest attraction Mumbai. This is a popular site for tourists and has more than thousands of international tourists every year. Also known as the Bollywood city, this place is very popular and also a fun place to hang out in. If you are planning to come here on a holiday any time soon, we would definitely recommend you to go through this article that has been designed only for your benefit. Hoping you will find the information helpful.

1. Prince of Wales Museum:

Mumbai Tourist Places1

Mumbai is very much popular for its monuments and museum and once such place that we must mention is none other than the Price of Wales Museum. This place is simply beautiful. If you are fond of history and architecture, you should definitely come here once. This is the main museum of Mumbai and has over hundreds of visitors and students every year. It is located in Mahatma Gandhi Road and is open on weekdays from ten am to six pm. When you come here, make sure you come to this wonderful place.

2. Kanheri Caves:

Mumbai Tourist Places2

Even though Mumbai happens to be a modern city, it still has some of the country’s ancient and significant locations where you can really learn a lot. One such place is none other than the Kanheri Caves. They constitute of a group of rock cut monuments and were built thousands of years ago. It is located in the outskirts of Mumbai and is a great tourist spot. Open from 7 30 am to 5 30 pm, this place can be visited any time during the week.

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3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Mumbai Tourist Places3

When you come to Mumbai you must visit its national park. And speaking of that, how can we miss out on the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This place is absolutely beautiful and offers you with rich flora and fauna. It is located in the suburban part of Northern Mumbai and has a large number of tourists every year. You can come here during weekdays with your family and spend time watching some of the country’s most beautiful and attractive wildlife. The experience is going to be a lot of fun. So don’t miss out on the ever beautiful and amazing Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

4. Gateway of India’

Mumbai Tourist Places4

One of the most popular and best attractions you will find in Mumbai is none other than the Gateway of India. This place is historical and has lured tourists from all across the world. You will be stunned when you come here. The beauty of this place is beyond imagination and the appearance is simply beautiful. If you haven’t come here, you have seriously missed out on something very special. The structure is about 26 metres high and overlooks the ever beautiful and opulent Arabian Sea.

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5. Kamala Nehru Park:

Mumbai Tourist Places5

Mumbai is not just famous for its monuments, historical caves and architecture but also its natural beauty. And one that we must mention is none other than the Kamala Nehru Park. You can come here with family or friends and spend a couple of hours basking in the lap of nature. The flower beds and bushes, plants and trees and so gorgeous in appearance. You will surely fall in love with Mumbai once you come here. They are open during weekdays and cover an area of about 4000 sq kilometres. Not coming here shall surely be a big miss.

6. Essel World:

Mumbai Tourist Places6

Mumbai is also famous for its amusement parks. And when you are coming here on a trip, you should definitely visit the best. And one such theme park is Essel World. This was established in the year 1986 and holds about 64 acres of land. Not only does it have an amazing set of rides you can try but is also famous for its Water Kingdom where you can have an awesome time with your family and friends. So come to Essel World and spend an entire day with your family and friends. You will surely not regret.

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7. Mount Mary Church:

Mumbai Tourist Places7

Mount Mary Church of Bandra happens to be one of the most beautiful and prestigious churches in the whole of Mumbai. You can come here during any day of the week and spend some time in silence and peace. The interior of this church is remarkable and beautiful and the walls look ornate. The best time to come here is on Sundays during mass. You will surely feel blessed when you come here. The environment is very calm and pleasant and the structure is massive and beautiful.

8. Elephanta Island:

Mumbai Tourist Places8

Another gorgeous location in Mumbai is none other than the Elephanta Island. This is located on the Marine harbour and is on eastern side of Mumbai. You can come here for a day and spend some time with your loved ones. It is usually uncrowded so you won’t really feel disturbed. If you happen to look for some place that is peace, quiet and very natural, you just have to visit the Elephanta Island. Coming to this place shall never be regret. You will really enjoy your trip to Mumbai because of this fine and gorgeous place.

9. Jehangir Art Gallery:

Mumbai Tourist Places9

The last and most important tourist spot all over Mumbai is none other than the Jehangir Art Gallery. This place is a beauty. It is one of the finest art galleries all over Mumbai and was built in the year 1952. If you happen to be art lover, you should definitely come here once. The lovely paintings, pictures and pieces of art will marvel your eyes and you will really learn a lot of Indian architecture with the help of this. So come to Mumbai and make you visit this place.

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