5 Best Multani Mitti face packs for Oily Skin

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Mulatani mitti is an excellent type of absorbent. When you apply this it takes away all the dirt and grime from the skin. If you have used this before, you must have seen how quickly it dries off and cracks. This when happens, it also takes with it all the grime away from the pores of the surface leaving behind a very fair complexion. This is another reason why people say that this thing makes them fair with regular usage. This is a great property of this type of soil. These days however, you do not get only the soil in a pack when you are buying this. It is often mixed up with other beauty ingredients like dry neem or rose petals powder.

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We however will suggest you to use this for the oily tone mixed with certain other ingredients which is quite helpful in making the face better and less oily. It keeps the secretion of sebum under check and at the same time makes the complexion fairer. Who doesn’t want a fair tone? You go out into the market and invest thousands of bucks just to grab that cream which can improve the tone or the natural fairness. We often forget that a few basic and natural ingredients and rather, the ingredients from our kitchen or fresh things from the market when mixed with these types of anciently popular beauty ingredients can make the skin even better. This gives you the opportunity to keep your natural epidermal layers proper and moisturises and cleanses them in a way which no cream from the market can do. It saves your money and also a lot of time.

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Fuller’s earth basically can be suitable to any skin type. This is a interesting aspect to this thing. When on one hand other things like only honey or only buttermilk suits one type, this suits almost all types when you properly mix it with the ingredients that you tone needs in abundance. This mixing process is very delicate because you have to be sure exactly for what purpose you are using the fuller’s earth.

Today we will talk about 5 very beneficial packs that you can apply and help save the natural complexion and also make it fairer. These packs are mostly for those with oily tones and we do not suggest that someone with dry surface applies them. If you have normal surface then you can apply these too and it might be helpful if it suits you.

1. Mixed with Sour Curd and Lemon Juice:

This is a wonderful mixture and you can get that excess sebum out of your pores when you use this. This can also be helpful for controlling the tanning. The sour curd and lemon both contain natural citric acid. This is helpful in bleaching out the skin gently. This helps to get the tanning out. The Curd is also a cleanser. It cleans out the pores and helps to take the grime out. With the grime the fuller’s earth also takes out excess out. It sits on the surface and helps clear the blemishes. Mix 4 tbsp of this with half a cup of curd and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. You can drain the curd off water and then use it. It will let it be a firmer mixture to use. Apply for about 20 minutes and then wash off with a mild face wash.

2. Mixed with Cucumber and Lemon Juice:

Cucumber helps to sooth the surface and at the same time the lemon juice de-tans it. These two when mixed with the fuller’s earth it gives you a tan free and also oil free epidermis. You can mix 2 tbsp lemon juice with half cup of grated cucumber and mix it to 4 or more tbsp of the pack. Apply for 20 minutes of till it starts to crack and wash off with plain water. Use a mild face wash and tone it up.

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3. Mixed with Neem Powder and Honey:

This is especially for those who suffer from zits or rashes. Now as we all know, oily surface is more prone to these breakouts. Using simply the pack of mitti will not help much.  Honey is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions which can help you stop the itchiness and also prevent further spread of the bacteria of zits. If you are having rashes then you should combine 2 tbsp of neem paste of powder to this pack and 1 tbsp of honey. Add some water to this if required and apply this for about 15 minutes or till it feels dry and starts to crack. Wash off with mild acne control face wash.

4. Mixed with Turmeric and Besan:

Adding these two ingredients to fuller’s earth can make a wholesome mixture. This can be very well used for making the complexion fair and also your surface discolouration will be normalised. This also relieves the surface off any tanning and sun patches. Take 4 tbsp of the pack of mitti and add to this ½ tbsp of turmeric powder which is readily available in your kitchen and 3 tbsp of besan, another ingredient of your kitchen counter. Mix these with rose water or plain water and use for 15 minutes or till it cracks. Wash off with mild cleanser and tone up to make it firmer.

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5. Mixed with Buttermilk and Besan:

Gram flour or besan is readily available in your kitchen counter, you can take 2 or 3 tbsp of this and add it to 4tbsp of a pack of good quality multani powder and use as much butter milk as required to make a thick paste. Make sure it sticks to the face firmly and then keep it on for about 15 minutes or till it cracks. Use a mild face wash to wash this off and apply a toner. The besan and the fullers mixture deep cleanses the surface and helps you to get a fairer complexion.

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