Top 9 Medium Short Hairstyles

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This article covers the best 9 hairstyles for hair which varies from short to medium in length. The hairstyles provided suit most of the face shapes including oval and oblong. Try them out and bring out the inner chic in you!

1. Shag with bangs:

Medium short hairstyles1

The key to this hair styling is to have negligible layers trimmed into the hair. On the off chance that you pick this type of skimming bangs, verify you cut them so they really skim the foreheads – anything shorter will look dated, anything longer and you’ll end up clearing them to either side. The shag takes a shot at all hair compositions; however this specific look works best on hair that has a natural wave to it. To get the harsh composition on the right, utilize a salt shower and scrunch hair as it dries.

2. Voluminous waves:

Medium short hairstyles2

To get voluminous development in your hair like this, first apply a volumizing cream starting from the roots of your hair to the periphery and comb over. At that point, blow-dry hair either utilizing just your fingers or a round brush. It is recommended to wrap up by brushing out with your fingers.

3. Side swept bangs:

Medium short hairstyles3

The side-sweptbang which coversan eye together with a cool shoulder-length cut and a profound side separation really makes a face show up slimmer and characterizes the cheekbones well. This haircut detracts the consideration from the width of the face and rather stretches its appearance.

4. Curly bob with swept bangs:

Medium short hairstyles4

This bob cut has more volume on one side and less on the other. This can be varied depending on your hair parting and the way you put up your hair. Applying a volumizing lotion is recommended if you want to achieve significant volume. The special thing about this bob cut Is that it has curls which normal bob cuts do not feature. The side swept bangs which is also incorporated in this look is eye-framing. This hairstyle is perfect for oblong faces.

5. Ponytail:

Medium short hairstyles5

This is an extremely cute and chic shot ponytail. If you have a hair length which ranges between short and medium, then you can go for this look. Begin by parting your hair in the front to one side and pull the hair back merging it with the hair on the rear side of the head and then tie them all in the form of a ponytail. This hairstyle looks extremely polished and thus has a professional touch to it.

6. High bun:

Medium short hairstyles6

Buns like these are for those times when you have less time at hand to style your hair in a professional way. But that does not mean buns are not professional. There are many bun hairstyles out there that strictly are professional and polished but this one is rather funky as the messiness provides a kind of a cool chic feel to it.

7. Front braid:

Medium short hairstyles7

Front braids are always awesome and so is this one. Braid your hair in front and tie a pony with the back hair and secure the braid with the ponytail and you’re done!

8. Medium-short messy:

Medium short hairstyles8

Messy hairstyles are given much importance as they have two specific advantages over any other hairstyles. First, they are easy to style, even an amateur hair stylist can style pretty cool messy hairstyles. And secondly, they messy hairstyles are much more manageable than other hairstyles. This particular messy hairstyle gives a sort of a beachy look and is face framing at the same time.

9. Classic curls:

Medium short hairstyles9

The curls in this particular hairstyle give a sense of a class and beauty. The curls that flow right from the top to the shoulders define beauty all the way. The blurred out parting line of the hair further adds on the voluminous illusion which this hairstyle puts up very significantly.

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