Top 15 Latest Mehndi Designs 2015

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From the good old days, body art has been a form of inspiration a form of belongingness to a certain community, a form of expression of views and opinions. What started with cave paintings in the pre historic area, soon revolutionized into body art. Tattoos the newest shiz of this generation was not always this popular. There was a time when tattoos only represented tribal so the kings and queens the commoners all resorted to henna mehndi’s. Mehndi is an ancient traditional form of art work where henna leaves and made into a paste and when applied and dried the mark remained for a while. This now has incorporated into a variety of body art form and through research and development many new techniques and designs have surfaced. Mostly dominant in the Indian culture, mehndi now has gained an international footing as globalization has merged the fashion and cultures of countries wide across. Here is a great list of some of the best mehndi arts you can indulge into.

The Diagonal Look:

latest mehndi designs1

here is a beautiful mehandi pattern where the design goes down in a diagonal way in one hand. The right hand showcases a floral pattern where the flowers are stacked one after the other while the finger tips gets their own lace patterns. The left hand sports a different design once again incorporating floral in it.

The Snake Crawl:

latest mehndi designs2

I am sure you have seen a snake crawl before and looking at this picture does it not remind you of the same? Here in this pattern, the mehendi art resembles a snake pretty and petite where the fingers are given a distinct pattern while the others sport a beautiful flower in it. The floral cover also adds a point.

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The Colored Art:

latest mehndi designs3

Colored mehndi arts are really a new thing these days. In the prior days there would just be a simple color but now many mutations are being created out of the parent mehndi art. Incorporating figures and designs from the past, the colored mehandi arts incorporate henna in a colored form to add vibrancy to the look.

The Front Hand:

latest mehndi designs4

As said before, colors are a prime component in may latest mehndi arts where through the sheer use of colors much life can be exerted into the body art work. Here is a full hand mehndi design that incorporates the best of the colors in flowers as a beautiful flower arrangement has been made with occasional glitter works.

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The Back Hand:

latest mehndi designs5

the same pattern in the previous number is once again reenacted here but this time the designs drawn are different. The main focus here is the flowers with the swishing patterns incorporating a shimmering green in their nerves to add a special effect to the mehndi art. This too is a full hand mehndi art.

Moroccan Formulae:

latest mehndi designs6

here is indeed an unique design for a mehandi art incorporating a beautiful patterned design. The Moroccan form of art work here depicts a beautiful triangular form in the middle of the palm. There are simple rounded patterns on the front with a beautiful stripe art work in the middle.

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The Footwork:

latest mehndi designs7

in the recent years mehendi has been incorporated in a variety of body art form. It is not just limited to the palms of the hand and therefore in this new designs the foots too have received a footing of its own. Here is a beautiful net patterned art has been created on the foot with side anklet designs.

The Simpleton:

latest mehndi designs8

If you are a naïve in this section and has just started taking interest in mehandi arts, here is a great way to start off the process. To begin with, go old school and use just the palms of the hand to decorate your hand. A wonderful flower design has been made with subtle leaf designs in the palm.

The Spectrum Design:

latest mehndi designs9

This is one of the unique designs where the mehndi art is in the form of a spectrum looking simply galactic with a twist on it. The reason why we like this art so much is because of its uniqueness where the basic flowers are vines are not involved. Through simple strokes a beautiful mehndi pattern is created.

The Loved Heart:

latest mehndi designs10

Simple and compact, the loved heart design indeed is a wonderful art work that looks surreal when we think of it as a mehandi art. Maybe in the back of the hand, a simple such design would make the work rather interesting. The heart here has subsidiary spiked up designs border lining it.

The Body Art:

latest mehndi designs11

All this time the arts have been confined to the hands and feet and it is time, the latest of the mehndi designs sees a beautiful platform for it to extend at its wish. Looking like a scene straight out of star wars, here is a mehndi art running down your spine with a personality of its own. The subtle fiber strand design in the narrow line opens up in an Aztec art work.

The Simple Stripes:

latest mehndi designs12

If you are not looking for any extravagance here is a simple form of art work that might just be the rescue for your day. Through some simple stripes beautiful floral patterns have been drawn that go diagonally up with spaces in between.

The Flower Vines:

latest mehndi designs13

Floral has always been a grand topic when it comes to mehandi art and thus incorporating one in such here is a simple palm design done in an intricate way. The vines look amazing on a backdrop of gaps and flowers.

The Back Art:

latest mehndi designs14

Here is another mesmerizing back art where the beautiful design of flowers in a tree is drawn as these creepers and climbers crawl up your back looking magnificent.

Peacock Art:

latest mehndi designs15

Peacock mehendi designs has always been a traditional way to express our cultures rich diversity. No matter how different we are, the peacock, the national bird of India remains the same for us, a sign of elegance and integrity.

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