15 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2018

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So 2013 was a year of many bad hair days, and sometimes you wished a loving angelic mother would appear out of no where to save the hair day!! Don’t worry, 2014 is going to be better, and believe us when we say that, because we have handpicked the best of 15 hairstyles so far that are doing the rounds.

Our Top 15:

1. We love the bounce and the wave on every crown, provided you have a prominent jaw frame to hold it through. It’s very simple to start off, wash, dry and then middle partition the hair. You could use a bunch of curlers at the hair’s end, front, back and the sides, and blow dry for two minutes to set the style. In ten minutes, you have it big and bouncy, and your hair would be a mini tsunami taking over the world

Best 2014 hairstyles1

2. The simple bun with side braids has been a hit across various shows and ramp walks last year, and for 2014 it is here to stay as well. Make a low lying bun near the nape of the neck, without hair strands falling over. The bun would be made from the mid section hair to the back of the head, while the hair on the front and the sides would be braided pretty and tapered to the main big bun lying low behind. Ready for work or play, the braided bun stays.

Best 2014 hairstyles2

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3. The side messy bun is a hit once again, and one of the Charles angels wore it on the red carpet years back too. All you need to do is to bring the hair to the side and keep it low. Do not use a brush or a dryer for any added effects, your fingers with a little gel and water would do the trick. Once the bun is made on the side, fasten it with a colorful band and a few clips here and there. Leave the bun messy and with a few strands falling, when it dries it would be awesome to show off

Best 2014 hairstyles3

4. For a quick glam look this season, try the deep right parting. Mousse the hair well and use a wide toothed comb to partition the hair, from the extreme right to the left. The hair from the roots to the mid section should be flattened with your hands, while the remaining could be crimped, frizzy or wavy. Flaunt and pose and tease the hell out of the men around

Best 2014 hairstyles4

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5. The crimped bun does well for women at work or at meetings. Make a side parting of the hair in full; gather them as a low bun to the right or the left of your head. And use a crimping curler to crimp it thoroughly before rounding the hair into a bun. Not a strand should be left untouched and out of place.

Best 2014 hairstyles5

6. The wavy diva is a hairstyle which again makes a statement. This would be for mid length hair, where you can neither tie it tight or leave it just like that. What you could do is to make a partitioning of your choice, left, right or center. Now the hair ends from the mid section should be curled, and let the dryer blow for a MINUTE. The hair in the middle gains volume and the sides remain messy and wavy. Brush it once the dryer does its job

Best 2014 hairstyles6

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7. Okay, bend and touch your knees, yes do it!! Now all your hair falls in front, front to back isn’t it? Take a soft brush and pamper the tresses or blow dry it for a minute. Now gently stand up straight, throwing the hair back once again. Voila!! Plenty of volume and style already, the big mess is a craze amongst the fashionable and the crème-de-la-crème

Best 2014 hairstyles7

8. The high end pony tail is one such style which comes back year after year. Keep the hair around the noose as flat as possible, use a styling gel with water for the same. The hair which springs out of the noose should be left without styling gel. You could crimp, wave or curl and straighten the hair. Do a combo of all four for the falling hair, and watch how you get compliments

Best 2014 hairstyles8

9. The water fall is everyone’s favorite, since it is very easy to do. Just gather the sides of your hair in a ringlet fashion and pin the two when they meet at the back of your head, accessorize with pretty flowers. The remaining hair from the back of your head should fall in waves, with the help of a curling iron at various lengths.

Best 2014 hairstyles9

10. Side waves are fun to do and easy too. Gather your hair, brush it well and partition the hair from the middle. The sides need to be curled or left messy with waves, accessorize the hair at different lengths for added fun

Best 2014 hairstyles10

11. The plain Jane look for the working mom can be made full of fun too. Two plats lying low on either sides would look super cool when four pieces of cute clips are pinned into the plat knots at various lengths

Best 2014 hairstyles11

12. You could even have the sides of the hair crimped and the front and back straightened. Give the combo look a touch of feminity with a cute pink or purple bow in the middle. Simple, minimal and yet sensual

Best 2014 hairstyles12

13. Comb the hair into four or five different sections. Take each section and gel them well, making them individual pony tails. Circle each pony tail in its place to form a mini-bun. Add a flower on each bun, and go out to party

Best 2014 hairstyles13

14. Gather your hair in a bunch and let the bun be formed right above the crown. The loose ends that fall let it be. Gives a messy home maker look, perfect for a bar time moment

Best 2014 hairstyles14

15. Use curlers at various lengths and allow the hair to rest in them for five minutes. Get the curlers removed, brush the hair and spray in a leave in conditioner. Walk out with confidence and a bow on the right side in pink. Simple yet professional!!

Best 2014 hairstyles15

Final words:

You wouldn’t have to spend a bomb at the salon getting them done, and you don’t need too much time in hand to look pretty with them. So if you are ready to look gorgeous with the least effort, let’s start the beautification party, shall we!!

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