Top 9 Latest Hairstyles For Girls – 2015

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With the onset of a new wave of hairstyles every year, some old hairstyles are coming back in fashion with newer, more modern twists. Here are some of the latest hairstyles of this year that we’ve seen till now. Who knows what innovations are yet to come?

1. Remember The Roses:

Latest Hairstyles For girls1

This hairstyle basically involves multiple rope braids across the head which meet at the back and combine into a single bun. The bun is a combination of the rose braid and the knotted bun. This kind of hairstyle is suited best for girls with round-shaped faces. This hairstyle has a very interesting flow, mostly due to the pattern and goes with almost any dress.

2. The College Girl Look:

Latest Hairstyles For girls2

This look is the classic look for any college girl. Sport this look post vacation and you’ll be back into the groove of living your college life in no time. Having it side parted adds interesting angles, focusing more on your eyes.

3. Demi-Goddess:

Latest Hairstyles For girls3

This hairstyle is called the ‘Demi Goddess’ because it sports a rope-braided half-crown. The curls emerging from underneath the half-crown add an interesting flow to the hair and a difference in texture is created. This hairstyle suits square shaped faces excellently and is great for parties of any kind.

4. Ribbontail:

Latest Hairstyles For girls4

The Ribbontail is named so as it has you tying a classic fishtail braid, only with one difference – ribbons of various colors. Have the ribbons twisted into simple braids of their own, and pass them in and out of the overlaps in the fishtail. This provides a streaked look to the hair without actually needing to color it.

5. Dual Rose Braid:

Latest Hairstyles For girls5

The Dual Rose Braid indeed has you weave two rose braids into your hair. What you basically need to do is have two rope braids coming around to the back of your head and have them both twisted into rose braids and pinned in place in any fashion you like. This type of dual rose braid setting is extremely versatile as you can combine it with other hairstyles, such as a braided ponytail.

6. More Than One Bun:

Latest Hairstyles For girls6

Tired of the boring everyday bun? Try two, three or maybe six buns! The trick is to have your hair twisted separately into buns close to each other, forming a pattern. What this does is add a little bit of variety to the everyday bun, but maintains the general idea of the bun. This hairstyle is suited best for official gatherings where you might want your bun to stand out from others.

7. Perfect Wreath:

Latest Hairstyles For girls7

This hairstyle has your head encircled by a full rope-braided wreath with the top completely combed down. This hairstyle is great for the stage as it eliminates the need for crown-like headdresses on stage. Also, it’s a great way to keep your hair up and make sure that no hair falls on your face during a performance or a programme.

8. Ornate Multi-Braid:

Latest Hairstyles For girls8

This hairstyle is one of the most innovative hairstyles in recent times. Don’t be fooled by its complexity though, it’s fairly easy to pull off if done right. The middle braid is the main attraction and is done first. The smaller braids on either side start from the front of the head and gradually overlap over the middle braid and join at the bottom. The sides are curled and tucked into the smaller braids. This multi-braid is best suited for weddings and funerals.

9. The Layered Crown:

Latest Hairstyles For girls9

This hairstyle too uses a rope-braid crown, but starting farther back than the Perfect Wreath. The Braid Crown is made in layers, the braids becoming smaller towards the base. The rest of the hair on the back is fluffed up and made to come out of the top of the crown. This look is a classic whether you’re walking down the ramp or the red carpet.

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