Top 9 Kota Sarees

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Kota is one of the best fabric pieces that are used to make sarees. Being very delicate these sarees are usually hard to maintain and cannot be used as an everyday saree for the beginners who have not yet accustomed the dressing pattern. But we can assure you these sarees have some of the most beautiful pieces and designs that can blow you right off your mind. These sarees are confident and gallant and at the same time, made of one of our own traditional fabric. The sarees on the enlisting below will show you how and why Kota is such a big hit in the field.

The chic red chick:

kota sarees1

The first mention of this look goes to the blouse so it would be worthwhile if that blouse is hunted down and retrieved to complete your special look. Now to the saree, this is like any other saree like those of the chiffon ones except this is in pure cotton with the wine red color smoothly blending in with the black detailing on the borderline. The rest of the saree is kept to bare minimum.

The ethnic designs:

kota sarees2

Now comes the original Kota saree of variant colors with the best of the compilations done up in a single place with beautiful pink green and silver saree ideals. The saree is beautifully drawn in shades of silvery white with black details of tribal kind scribbled on it while the pink and the green on the border fills the void.

The comical look:

kota sarees3

Whoever said sarees cannot be fun, never really had a look at this. The saree looks pretty much of age with the softened white on the down low mixed in with green of two colors. The saree has a lime green and body with a bottle green borderline and now to the comical fishes drawn on the white saree that adds the fun look of the attire.

The monochrome love:

kota sarees4

Looking closely on the black Kota you would see these cute little arrow marks on the saree in white which basically gives off the look for the best of the kind monochrome pattern. You hardly ever do see such fun sarees and then there is the use o subtle red on the blackened borderlines to create a deeper effect.

The red and fun:

kota sarees5

The saree since the starting looks quiet pretty in these little beautiful shades of red and white. The white has a twist to the look in simple wavy patterns done up in black while the red too has a design pattern going on within itself. The saree otherwise in green and emerald looks completely trendy and thus a huge fashion statement.

The multicolor galore:

kota sarees6

Here too is a list of the best of the colors in shades of pink and green and everything else mixed in to form these cute little shades all thrown together in a hotchpotch to create this beautiful look. The saree also sports a widened borderline in blue with polka dot patterns and a sleek and slender golden bordered outline.

The nude beige look:

kota sarees7

This is a great look for a reception or a festival eve where you can dress plain and at the same time make a statement out of it. The saree is in nude with soft dotted sequins that creates this glittering effect only in the minimum and then the gorgeous zari and georgette artwork in golden luster.

The black and pink:

kota sarees8

Here is yet again a blockbuster hit with the beautiful pink as the borderline and the black portraying stripes on the initial stage which quickly escalates to massaba print on the lower end.

The once again masabas:

kota sarees9

The last of the lot once again has the beautiful massaba print this time on the upper half in white while the ultimate black stripes and red borders fill in the saree.

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