Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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Kim Kardashian is one of the famous global celebrities that millions of people are aware of. There are men who fantasize her beauty and then there are women who are completely jealous of her flawless skin and hair that calls for attention from everyone. However, this woman who is so well groomed and beautiful had to follow a lot of dos and don’ts before she could finally achieve that beauty and that figure. She has her own beauty secrets that helped her achieve the goals where she is today.

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To understand and to know in details of what she believes in where beauty is concerned, you can always check this guide below. It has some of the best tips and beauty secrets followed by the popular Kim Kardashian in her daily regimen. It is bound to help you achieve great results for your look.

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Beauty Secrets Revealed

1. Exfoliation with Sugar:

According to this celebrity, a spoonful of sugar is all you need to add beauty to the overall personality. It surely adds glow to the body. She adds sugar granules to her body wash and uses it every day that exfoliates the skin well in a gentle way.

2. Importance of Sunscreen:

Kim believes in using sunscreen without fail especially while stepping out of the house. She never goes anywhere without using a good SPF content sunscreen lotion. It was only in 2009 when she had a severe sunburn is when she started giving importance to this beauty regimen. It is a part of her routine now.

3. Remove Makeup Before Hitting the Bed:

Another of the beauty secrets revealed by sources where Kim is concerned, is that she uses a good quality makeup remover on the face and skin to clean up all the residues of chemicals that would otherwise block the skin and damage it from inside. She keeps makeup removing tissues and wipes the face before sleeping.

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4. Shampoo Tips:

Kardashian does not believe in washing her hair every day. She washes her hair every 2 days to ensure that dryness is prevented well. A gentle shampoo and conditioner are additional tips she gives in this case. Deep conditioning mask is also a part of beauty regimen for Kim once every 2-3 weeks. This keeps her hair manageable and shiny. It is one of the beauty tips she follows and suggests.

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5. Give Proper Attention to Eyebrows:

Kim gives a lot of importance to her eyebrows and its shape. She not only gets a proper shape every 3 weeks from her stylist but also maintains it herself at home and removes the extras to keep the eyebrows in proper condition. According to Kim, eyebrow shape completely determines the facial structure and beauty.

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6. Perfect Shadowing of Eyes:

Well again, another of the areas where Kim believes a woman should stress for adding beauty is to put the eye shadow perfectly. She ensures that she dusts powder on the eyes before applying the shadow for a long lasting colour on the eyes. She also believes that eye shadow is one of the best ways to highlight the eyes which is one of the best aspects of the face.

7. Pay Attention to Nails:

Lim totally believes on an overall groomed personality and for the very same purpose one of the beauty secrets she follows is that of keeping the nails completely clean and trimmed and shaped well. She gives a lot of importance to this aspect.

8. Eat Right:

Along with all the beauty secrets, she totally believes that until and unless you work on the body from the inside, you can never get the right beauty outcomes. For the very same purpose she suggests and follows a healthy diet where she eats oatmeal for breakfast, for lunch she eats salads and for dinner she prefers chicken.

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