Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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Superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan! I think nobody is there who do not know Kareena Kapoor? Kareena is also well famous by ‘Bebo’ her nickname and she gives back to back super hit films. She is mostly identified for her excellent performing skills as well for actuality kindly good-looking all the time. Most of the girls are crazy about her style and fitness and excited to know about her beauty regime. Most of the girls also love to follow them. Hence, today in this article we are telling some secret tips of Kareena Kapoor’s makeup, styling, and fitness.


Kareena Kapoor is a style diva and therefore her makeup appearances, fitness as well as her style statements are on the headlines every time. She is also very famous for a seamless body shape like size zero. If you want to shape your body similar to Kareena Kapoor then read this article carefully to know her secrets! Thus, so afterward when you will go somewhere then your loved ones or your relatives are surprised to see you.

Kareena Kapoor has a beautiful face and she keeps her food plan, exercise and makeup routine very well. If you decided to look like Kareena Kapoor then you have to know about the diet plan, workout, and fitness regime for size zero and weight loss.

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Beauty and Makeup Tips of Kareena Kapoor:

kareena kapoor makeup

  • She loves only a minimal makeup and also come back from shooting she take away all the makeup.
  • Kareena Kapoor Prefer Oil massage for this she uses combination of oils such as coconut, olive, almond and castor. She takes massage on her scalp near about once in every month.
  • She is not depends upon the facials and do not use creams because it contains many chemicals.
  • She likes smoky-eyed look during the night makeup.
  • Kareena ties her hair into a curly ponytail or messy straight when she is on vacation and mostly uses voluminizing hair products.
  • She mostly prefers pale pink lipsticks for her lips.

Kareena Diet Secret:

Kareena diet

  • She choose nutrition not calorie based foods.
  • Bebo drink boiled water near about 6 glasses for each day.
  • She became vegetarian when she was in contact with actor Shahid Kapoor. Now, salads, soy milk, yogurt, fruits, chana, peanuts, soups, and vegetables are all included into her diet plan.
  • Vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, and broccoli are mostly favored.
  • She enjoys to eats each 2 to 3 hours and her meal normally contains dal, curd, roti, brown rice and vegetables.

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Kareena Styling Tips:

Kareena styling tips

  • T-shirts, Casual jeans and party dress are all-time favorite of Kareena Kapoor.
  • The designer Manish malhotra, Roberto cavalli, and valentine are mostly design her cloths.
  • She loves shoe collection from Hermes, Christian Louboutin orYSL.

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Kareena Kapoor Fitness Regime:

Kareena Kapoor fitness

  • Kareena Kapoor is very popular for her size zero figures in India. This trend is also supper hit after her film ‘TASHON’.
  • Yoga, healthy diet, cardio workouts and pilates plays an essential role in her fitness regime.
  • Kareenas 30% workout as well as 70% nutrition is the basis of her marvelous figure.
  • Do you know that kareena was suffered from bad stomach and back problems. She chooses kapal bhati and pranayama to relax these problems.
  • She is a great follower of ashtanga yoga as well as power yoga. She not only does yoga but also meditation for keeping her body fit and healthy.
  • During her holidays she also likes to do near about 100 suryanamaskar each day. It is very beneficial for mind and body because it also supports 95 percentages of muscles within your body.
  • She also loves running, biking, swimming to make her heart healthy.
  • Once in a month she practices hot yoga which is also known as Bikra,m yoga.

So, these are the makeup, style food, and fitness secrets of kareena kapoor. I hope this article will help you to look more beautiful like Kareena Kapoor! Stay gorgeous!

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