7 Best Inner Thigh Exercises

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You may feel yourself trimmed down but still sporting flabby thighs. There are often fat points in our body which due to excessive fat accumulation may at times become jiggly. If not the jiggles, even a toned muscled thigh is every girl’s desire. it always doesn’t need a flabby thigh for you to exercise. A normal work-out routine, free hand includes inner thigh exercises for you to achieve the much desired thigh gap.

The straight plank:

straight plank

This is a good starter exercise for people who are not yet used to intense work-out. When you first start working on your inner thigh make sure you keep the exercises in control so that too much doesn’t cause your muscle to sprain. With time you can slowly work up the speed and exercise time. This is a front straight plank exercise similar to doing push-ups. Start by lying on your front with your spine straight. Then using your palm and putting pressure on your elbows push your torso up. Make sure your legs are straight, resting on your toes. Nothing other than your palms should touch the ground. this is a great upper body and leg exercise.

Wide leg squat:

Wide leg squat

If you want to work your inner thighs, you have to put pressure on to the loose fats so that they tone themselves under pressure. For this, squatting is the perfect lower body exercise. you can keep your upper portion relaxed while you do squats which can help you get toned thighs within a month. The first squatting is a simple wide leg squat. For this stand erect with your legs apart and straight, feet pointing outside. Keep upper body relaxed as you slowly squat, legs still apart, knees bending until you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Hold that for a while, maybe count to 10 and release. Continue this exercise for a while. You will feel a pain in your thigh region but do not worry that is normal. Just the muscles being put to work.

Lift squat:

Lift squat

This is another squat technique for your thighs. When you are used to with the above squatting, extend to this squat, which is a bit tough than the before. For this, stand straight with your spine erect, legs together, arms straight. With the help of your toes, lift your leg, in ballet style until you are standing on your toes. Then slowly start squatting. Make sure your toes are still supporting your body weight. For this you can point them outwards in a V-shape to distribute the weight. Keep spine erect.

The ball squat:

The ball squat

This is pro level squatting. Keep a medium rubber ball or a beach towel knotted well in between your thighs, as you stand straight with your spine erect. Now squat along with the ball, keeping it pursed in between your thighs all this time. Make sure it doesn’t fall, rather don’t allow It to fall. Hold position for a minute before you go back to your original position.

Leg lift:

Leg lift

for this you need to lie down on a plain surface, on your side. Once your laid down, prop yourself half up with your upper biceps and rest your upper torso. As for your legs, keep them straight one on top of the other. Now for the exercise, lift your upper limb straight and hold on to that position for 3 minutes until you feel pain or discomfort in your leg. Bring it down and repeat the process. You may also lift both your limbs at the same time, up in the air and hold it. For this you will need immense lower body energy.

Lower limb lift:

Lower limb lift

This is yet another leg lift where you can keep your upper limb in place and use your lower limb to lift it up. If you experience difficulty at the beginning, use your palm to hold your ankle while you lift up.

Scissor kicks:

Scissor kicks

This is an effective inner thigh exercise where you lie down on your back, facing the ceiling. Put your arms on either side of your body, palms down and rest. Then put your feet together and lift up your leg in the air. Once they are up starts moving them up and down alternatively just like two hands of a scissor. Continue this.

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