Top 9 Indian Hairstyles for Kids

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There are various Indian hairstyles that you can try on a young boy or girl. Depending on the thickness and the length of hair various hair styles can be created.

Here are the 9 most popular Indian hairstyles for kids.

1. Beehive Hair:

indian kids hairstyles

This can be a good hairstyle for any kid who has moderately thick and longer than medium length hair. You can insert a small hair bump-it and use some teasing to make the beehive at the crown. For the front there can be some fringes which need to be previously shaped from the parlour. This can be a good party hairstyle. If you have a function at the school then also this type of a hairstyle can be good.

2. Side Parted Wavy Hair:

indian kids hairstyles2

This can be a good hairstyle when you want a kid to keep her hair loose. You can part the hairs to one side and then you can create some waves with a round brush and some blow drying. This can be a day out hair look and will go with most outfits. You can further use some hair clips to pin the hair at the top at one side and keep the other side free flowing.

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3. Braided Bun:

indian kids hairstyles3

A braided bun is often referred to as a hair look for adults but you can create the same style for a kid. The kid needs to have thick and long hair for making this type of hairstyle. The bun can be small but the braided should be done either by a braid expert or from a parlour. This can be good for family functions and also for school functions.

4. Asian Style Hair :

indian kids hairstyles4

This can be an Asian style hair look which can be tried. You should have moderately long bangs at the front cut in asymmetric fashion and the rest of the hair can be cut in a normal trimmed way. You can accessorize this look with head bands of your choice.

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5. Side Shifted Look:

indian kids hairstyles5

This can be a fashionable hairstyle for young boys. If the boy’s hair is thick then you can get him to cut the hair in short layers. These can be side shifted and then some hair products can help make some peaks. This can be quite stylish and fashionable. This will be good for parties. For school times, the hairs can be brushed normally without the peaks.

6. Deep Side Parted Look:

indian kids hairstyles6

This can be a fashionable hair look for young boys and the hair can be cut with or without layers as per choice. The parting is done from the deep end of one side and the hair shifted to the other. This deep parting is a growing trend these days.

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7. Back Pigtails:

indian kids hairstyles7

This can be a good hair look for young girls. The back pigtail look is not new. This is quite common and gives the look of pigtails from the back while the parting is done on the top of the head in a circular manner. The rest of the hair is kept loose and this makes for a school hairstyle or even for party hairstyle.

8. Messy Hair Look:

indian kids hairstyles8

This can be a messy hair look which you can try on Indian hair. Some rollers can give you the waves which can be crunched or messed up using some hair products.

9. Side Shaved Look:

indian kids hairstyles9

This is a good hair look for young boys. The side shaved look is quite popular these days and the cut of the hair tends to be in layers. The hair can be brushed back to front keeping alignment of the parting.

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