Does Hypnosis works to Lose Weight?

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Today every second person faces the problem on obesity and on a large suffers from various disease and all. Not only an obese person has a disfigured out of the box body but also suffers from various health issues. One of the main issues of obesity is the lifestyle today in which we live. Fast lifestyle, demanding jobs, the surrounding environment and the eating patterns; all these factors lead to obesity. There are various ways in which a person can lose weight. Now a day everyone indulges in exercising, yoga, meditation etc. along with a full-fledged diet. With the passage of time people are looking for more options and ways to lose weight. Some findings are shocking and weird but they do. Really work. Today we are going to discuss about hypnosis.


We all must have heard of getting hypnotized and going into a different world where the person who brings you under hypnosis have full control over you and the actions performed by you.  It would be surprising to know that hypnosis helps us in losing weight, yes it does definitely. According to Harvard medical school hypnosis helps us in losing weight as our body contains all the energy of positivity and the answer to every question we ask lie in our body. One needs to believe themselves and then only can move towards the oath of losing weight through hypnosis.

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The Mechanism of Hypnosis is as Follows:

1) The answer of being hypnotized a d losing weight lies within us: the believer and doctors of hypnosis believe that the will power and the strength lie within us. They believe that one doesn’t need to go on stringent and crash diets in order to lose weight. The process of cutting down weight lies within us and depends on our innate abilities like patience and determination.

Losing weight is nothing but finding the right balance of the body. They say as we learn riding a bicycle the same way we have to give body the time to learn and lose weight effectively.

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2) Believing is the key: like in life we achieve those what we think we can achieve. We need to have faith for everything, same theory goes for hypnosis. We need to believe in hypnosis in order for it to work

Hypnosis helps in losing weight when it is combined with dieting and work-out. These three should be coupled together to achieve best results.

Hypnosis is basically a stage of concentration and absorption. So when one is under hypnosis the concentration of the body is highly focused and thus more responsive to changes like determination to lose weight etc. There is not much of scientifically proven date which can prove that hypnosis can help in weight loss. But it prepares the body to go under strict diet and exercise and remains focused on losing weight. It basically takes the concentration of the body towards weight loss objectives.

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3) Ideal for less focused people: Hypnosis is suitable to for those people who generally go on diet plans bit aren’t really focused to achieve them. What hypnosis does is takes them into a stage of trance and hence helping them channelize their energy in the right direction at the right time at the right place.

As there is not much proven studies hypnosis is more of a hypothetical approach. It is belief which works more than the mechanism of hypnosis itself. What hypnosis does is , it lets you find your inner energy and capabilities which can double your focus without straying elsewhere.

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