2 Easy to Make Updo Hairstyles that you can Try

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Updos are a popular hairstyle trend these days. These are not that difficult to make. You can easily make updos with minimal effort. You usually have to follow a basic technique for a specific form of updo hairstyle. These have to be properly learnt overtime and you may need a few trials before you can master the technique. Today we will talk about two types of updos and how to easily do these. One is the chignon updo which many of you have adored for a long time now. These have been sported on the Red Carpet by celebs time and again. These can be made in various fashions like with a classy side parted look with a low rung chignon or with a middle parted sophisticated look with a back top chignon.

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The foremost thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to making and sporting chignons is that your hair must be at least shoulder length or longer than that. The longer the hair the better and bigger is the chignon. The other updo that we will talk about is the French Twist. This is a specific form of hairstyle and it needs a crafty hand to do this. You must have thick and longer than shoulder length hair for this type of an updo. This is however, quite easy to make once you get accustomed with the technique of the twist. This looks very classy and you can sport this at your office or even at a party. This also gives a classy feel and a vintage touch to the normal updo hairstyle.

1. Chignon Updo:

Chignon Updo

This type of updo is very easy to do with just a wrap around a chignon hair pad elastic.

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Let us See How To Make A Chignon:-

  • Firstly brush the hair back. Brush thoroughly so that no tangles remain. Hair needs to be smooth.
  • Next take an elastic band or rubber band and secure the hair at nape in a long pony tail. The longer your hair the better is for a chignon.
  • Next take a chignon elastic band. These are available in any drugstore or online cosmetics or hair accessories stores. These are like soft big hair pad elastics. Insert this into the ponytail.
  • Now wrap the ponytail around this and ultimately tuck the ends in. Secure the bun with hair pins and bobby pins.
  • Wear this either with a side part which looks proper for parties and casual day outs or you can wear this with a middle part which looks sophisticated and is good for your office.

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2. The French Twist:

This is a classy and sophisticated updo which takes some practice to achieve the exact style. But with more and more practice you can master it.

How To Make A French Twist Updo:

The French Twist

  • Start by brushing out your hair all the way.
  • Next take all the hair and make a ponytail at the back. Make it at the centre of the back and not too low or too high.
  • Twist the ponytail two times and make sure it is tight and will not fall off.
  • Twist the tips of the wrapped ponytail.
  • Take hair pins and clip the ends in. Use hairspray to smoothen out any stray hairs.
  • This is good for almost all ages. You can wear this to school, college, work or even to parties.

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