How to Make Puff Hairstyle?

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Just like make-up for a girl her looks are precious. A bad hair day can ruin the entire of the day for us. We care for our precious hair because it defines the way you are. If you keep your hair unkempt you are the carefree unbound soul. If you keep it sprayed down and pin straight in place you are chic and elegant, if you have soft waves with bouncy hair you are bubbly. Your hair makes you who you are and when your hair is scrunched up and not responding to you at all- you turn angry and irritated.

how to make puff hairstyles

Since like many others your hair makes up you mood and your day, the next time you have a bad hair day with unruly hair that just won’t listen to you, instead of popping in a hat and hoping no one asks you to take it off, opt for this elegant hair do that doesn’t need perfect bounce or curls or straightness to make you look great. This is the front pouf hairstyle.

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How is It Different?

Well to start off this is the same as any hairstyle you would do but only with a modification. This is where you make the front of your hair into a pouf and pin it down so that it stays in place. The rest of the hair can be done according to your wish. While even the other hairstyles look good on you this instantly adds an oomph to your look that stays on unmessed for hours at a stretch.

How to Get This Look?  

Start of by combing your messy mane into a formidable texture. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It needs to be just about okay.  Once you have combed it backwards and smoothened it, separate your hair form the crown of your head. While sectioning keep in mind the width of your puff and section accordingly.

To section the hair start from your temple or forehead. You can either use a comb or for smooth manageable hair just fingers. Keep your fingers on either end of your eyebrows and start tracing an imaginary line upward till the crown and then pull up that section of the hair. you can do the same with the comb. For a messy pouf just comb it backwards and section out the hair by tugging and pulling the front hair up from its ending so that no trace line is visible which will give you a more natural look. you can start it from anywhere, from behind your ears to just a small pouf in the front in between your two brows.

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once you have section pull the hair strand you are holding up back and smoothen it to prevent stick up or messiness on the top. Then you can use the rolling technique that is twisting the thick strand at the end and then pushing it up against the scalp. Once you twist and push up you will notice a front puff come. You can even omit the twist and just simply hold your hair in a pinch and then push it up to avoid asymmetrical puff. Hold on to it and pin it properly with a baby clutch or pins.

Alternative Ways:

If hand-made pouf is difficult for you to make and it takes up all your morning time, try opting for bump-its which are ready made puff makers found in any of your nearby market or cosmetic shop. It is either in the form of a pad or a head band with back spikes. After you have sectioned and pulled your hair up, place the pad or the band bump-it in the desirable place and release the hair. Smoothen up the front so that no bump-it is revealed. Then pinch your hair and push it up to the end of the bump-it and pin it down.

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The Rest?

You can do the rest according to your wish. You can either do a half up half down or simply tie it into a ponytail or leave it as it is. You can even do a French braid or a fish tail braid or just a normal braid. You can experiment with different hairdos at the back with the front puff.  The best part about puff hairstyle is it makes you look elegant no matter what.

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