How to Make Celery Juice?

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There is nothing more important in life than to have good health. This keeps the body fit and active and help it be strong enough to face any kind of struggles and problems. However, in the day to day living, we usually forget the importance of good food where health is concerned. We even miss out the benefits of fruits and vegetables and the high amounts of nutrients that it provides the body with. A lot of times, we find and we need convenient ways in which we can reap the advantages of vegetables for the body. One such effective and easy way is to make fresh juice of the vegetables and consume them each day in certain quantities.

celery juice

While talking about juices, celery juice is one that holds a lot of significance and has a list of advantage attached. Along with being low in calories, the high levels of potassium and sodium with folic acid, carotene, vitamin A and C is a perfect way for providing nutrients to the body and also cleanse the entire system from toxins.

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For making perfect celery juice, you either need a blender or else a mixer grinder. This will give you the right result along with ideal taste. The guide below will help you on how to make the juice:

Preparation of Celery Juice:

Step 1:

The stalks of the celery that are rigid and straight should be taken for juicing along with the leaves that are completely green in colour and does not have any yellowish tinge. These stalks should be washed thoroughly to remove the dirt and soil. Make sure you break the tip and the tail of the celery before using them. Cut the celery stalks into small pieces as well.

Step 2:

Take ½ cup of water in the blender and then top the jar with celery pieces. This should be pureed a little on low speed and then the speed should be increased that will take about 30 seconds to smoothen.

Add more water if the celery sticks are causing the mixture to be too thick. Blend again.

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Step 3:

Take a pitcher and a strainer or may be a cheesecloth as a substitute for latter. Now pour in the entire contents into the strainer such that the juice strains and enters the pitcher. Make sure the entire liquid is strained and finally you squeeze out the liquid completely leaving the pulp separately. Keep the pulp aside.

Step 4:

Add it the desired amount of salt (if you want, optional) and a hint of pepper to the juice before enjoying this fresh glass of celery juice loaded with benefits. One can also add any other spice if they feel like according to their taste. However, it is best to drink celery juice without any spices or salt. Salt is also not recommended for those who have issues like high blood pressure.

The Pulp:

One can always leave the pulp inside the liquid but then that makes celery smoothie and not juice. The pulp even if separated can be used for a lot of other purposes. One can plan to make various dishes or include the pulp in breads since it is full of vitamins, fiber and minerals. This pulp should be used instantly in the dishes. Keeping it for too long will extract the benefits and there will be really no benefit of using it.

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