How to Make Amla Juice

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Amla or gooseberry is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rarely people prefer amla juice or amla as a part of their diet. Gooseberry or amla however has lot of health benefits including cleansing of stomach and relieving from constipation. Amla also helps to purifies blood and therefore increases skin radiance with regular intake. You can therefore try and include it in your diet regularly by way of juice. Amla juice is easy to make with less hassles and time.

Amla Juice 1

You Need the Below:

  1. Amla or gooseberry seven to eight pieces.
  2. Green chillies one to two depending upon your taste
  3. Half inch ginger
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Curry leaves- four to five leaves
  6. 1 table spoon sugar
  7. One tea spoon cumin powder
  8. Cold water 1 glass

Amla Juice 2

Now deseed the amla and cut it into pieces. In a mixer grinder now add all the ingredients except water. Make it into a smooth paste.

Amla Juice 3

Now strain this through a fine sieve / cheese cloth/ muslin cloth and keep aside.

Amla Juice 4

Now add this fine juice in cold water and mix well and serve cold. You may also add pudina or mint leaves to this mixture.

Amla Juice 5

In case you want to store this essence you may do so in an air tight container and then put it in fridge. Alternatively you can also make ice cubes with it. You can store this for nearly a week.
Alternatively you can simply make amla essence and store it for nearly a month by following the below simple steps:

You Need the Below:

  • Amla or gooseberry nearly 1 kg or 28 to 30 pieces
  • Water

Cut the amla into pieces and remove all the seeds. Now add some of the amla pieces in the mixer and blend well to a paste. Now strain this paste through fine sieve / cheese cloth/ muslin cloth and keep aside. Now take this juice and the remaining amla pieces and add it in the mixer again to blend well. It is easier to mix the gooseberry pieces with gooseberry juice. Now blend this well and again take the entire paste into a fine sieve/ muslin cloth/ cheese cloth. Now strain the same with a non-metallic spoon or you can even squeeze the juice with hands. Now again repeat the second step till the entire amla pieces are consumed.

One kilo gram of amla can get us nearly 650 to 700 grams of juice.

Now you can store this essence in an air tight bottle and refrigerate. Whenever you feel like having amla juice then take 2 table spoon of the essence and add it in 1 glass of cold water and have it. You may also a pinch of salt to it or cumin powder to make it tasty.

Having this regularly will improve your digestion and also cleanse skin from within giving you radiant skin. This juice also helps in strengthening hair.

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