How to Lose Weight With Little Effort

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Losing weight with little effort seems impossible, but it is actually very simple. According to the math, a pound of fat contains 3500 calories. You can take off 500 calories every day to lose a pound and you can maintain that by not exceeding it.
This article lists some of the ways you can lose weight with little effort, by making some simple choices and sticking to them.

Lose Weight With Little Effort

1. Start Thinking of you as Slim:

In order to stop gaining excess weight, you need to cut down on your calories by cutting down on your afternoon snack. In order to do this, try to recall and remember the last thing you ate for lunch. When asked to do this, a study found that people ate less compared to those who did not recall their last meal. This exercise activates the hippocampus of the brain and this helps you to refuse a larger portion of the food.

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2. Reduce Bloating:

Bloating causes the body to appear fatter than it is. Binge eating chips or other fried junk food will make the body retain more water than necessary and cause a bloat. This will cause gas and will also make you look fatter. To get rid of the puffiness, you can mix sliced cucumber with parsley and lemon juice. This will drain your body of the excess water it retains and will help you to slim down faster.

3. Make Healthier Diet Choices:

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute greatly to the storage of fat. Whole grain is rich in fibre and has vitamins and minerals. Also they keep you full for longer so you won’t be craving snacks so often. You can opt for brown rice, brown bread, whole grain crackers and the like to keep you full. Thus the best way to lose this fat is by giving you healthy meals and a balanced diet. A low fat one is best that has fruits and vegetables and high fibre cereals that will burn the fat fast. Fibre rich foods are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals and they keep you full for longer. Junk and fried foods, processed foods and nuts add to fat storage in the tummy so stay away from them.

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4. Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently:

You should divide your daily intake into 6 small meals throughout the day instead of eating a lot in 3 large meals in the day. Try consuming 100 calorie snacks when hungry and go for healthier snacks like nuts and fruits. Eating more frequently keeps your stomach full but make sure your meals are small enough that you don’t over eat.

5. Close off your Kitchen at a Fixed Time to Stop Midnight Snacking:

Keeping your kitchen and fridge stocked well will make you consume more food, especially at night. Late night food cravings are the main reason for obesity. If you keep the kitchen closed at night, you can avoid that. You need to figure out a time at night after which you will not eat. You can have tea or milk instead of the bar of chocolate or cake or the sandwich you crave. Don’t forget to brush after. This method will help you to lose weight without dieting.

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A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in weight loss. Try to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily to keep yourself well hydrated. Try to stay in stress free environments and exercise a little every day to stay fit and young.

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