How to Kiss With Tongue?

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Do you want to experience the same sensual and passionate moment with your lover by going for a French kiss? You must have seen it many times in public or in movies. However, if you know the right technique of kissing with tongue, you can kiss even better than the French and will not have any embarrassing faux pas. Some of the tips for a perfect French kiss are as follows:

How to Kiss With Tongue

Keep The Lips Soft:

Slightly moist, smooth, and soft lips are ideal for French kiss. Before you start the kissing, make sure your lips are not chapped. If you find your lips going dry, then you can use a chapstick and swipe it over the lips. You also need to drink lot of water, to stop the lips from becoming dry. You can drink a glass or two of water and within 20 to 25 minutes will find the kips becomes smooth. However, if you do not have time to spare for the above mentioned things, you can simply lick your lips and press them together. This would moisten the lips without making those slobbery.

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Have Freshened Breath:

It would be very embarrassing to have bad breath when you are about to kiss your partner. In case of French kiss, as the mouth remains open, it is very important to have fresh breath. You need to practice good dental hygiene. If you have taken garlic or onion, you can brush your teeth or rinse your mouth properly with water. You can also keep mint-flavored gum or breath mints, if you have the chance of kissing someone. However, if you really think there is chance of kissing, then you should avoid food like milk, coffee, corn, garlic, and onion, as these leave unpleasant residue.

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Wait for the Right Moment:

You should always wait for the right moment, whether it is a first kiss or a first French kiss. Kiss represents the growing intimacy between two people. So, make sure that both you and your lover are in the same mindset to get drenched in the same passionate moment. If your partner keeps the eyes locked with yours, looks at your lips, and gets closer to you, then you can get a clue from the body language. After a good date, if your boyfriend wants to have a good kiss, he will show some signs of indications or drop hints.

Make Eye Contact:

You should gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes. However, while kissing, the eyes automatically close. You should never kiss with your eyes kept open, as it indicates dishonesty and insincerity.

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Make the Kissing Slow:

Moving in at a slow pace gives both of you a chance to consent. You should tilt your head to either left or right. If you see that your partner is going in a particular direction, then you should tilt yours in the opposite direction. Then slightly push your lips forward and brush those against your partners very lightly. Keeping slow movements, you can open your mouth. Do not open the mouth wide and keep the lips parted in such a way, that a tongue could pass through. Once both of you have done some tasting of tongue, you can open the mouth wider and take in the lips of your partner between your lips. You can also suck the lower lip and move the tip of your tongue over it. You can continue exploring with your tongue, keeping the mood playful. Make sure not to take your tongue too deep into the throat.

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