How to Kiss on Lips?

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Kissing is one of the most romantic things couples do. It is exciting and fun. On the other hand, the idea of kissing can be intimidating for a first time kisser. You may wonder how to go about things. You may be nervous and fidgety. You may feel as if a million things could go wrong.

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It doesn’t have to be scary though! This guide will help you along the way, step by step; so that your first kiss is as romantic and perfect as you imagined.

Preparing for The Kiss:

You will want to make a good impression when you kiss someone for the first time. It’s important to remember a few tips before you do so

Remember to make sure your lips are not dry. Dry lips are not usually kissable, especially if it is your first kiss. If your lips are dry, moisturize your lips with a lip balm or gel before you kiss.

Make sure your mouth is clean and you don’t have bad breath, as this is definitely a turn off for people.

Leading Up To The Kiss:

Make sure the person you want to kiss wants to kiss you back. Often, you may be more comfortable than your partner and vice versa. Keep a look out for a few signals, like eye contact, leaning in and slight turning of head. If you’re unsure you should ask for permission before kissing.

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Signaling To your Partner That You Want To Kiss:

Make eye contact and lean in towards your partner slightly. If the person you are kissing wants to be kissed, she/he will reciprocate and lean in towards you. This should be your cue to go ahead with the kiss

Kissing On The Lips:

Start by some kind of physical contact with the person you’re kissing. You can hold their hand or you can place your hand on their shoulder or even their face. Do be gentle while touching and make sure the touch is appropriate. Avoid the chest, lower back, and waist area for women, as these are more intimate places for a first time kiss. Touching the genital area is also a complete no-no.

Tilt your head and body so that you’re nearer to your partner’s body. You will have to make room for your partner making sure you don’t collide with their face.

Next, pucker you lips and suck air in. Make contact with your partner’s lips, stay for a while, and pull away.

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Lip Lock:

For a lip lock, you need to put your partner’s lower or upper lips between your lips. Your partner will be “locking” your lip with their lip simultaneously.

If you start by holding your partner’s lower lip with your lips, your partner will be holding your upper lip with their lips. Alternate between holding your partner’s upper and lower lip.

Start sucking at your partners lips gently. You will be able to breathe but if you feel short of breath do not be embarrassed to break away.

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A Few Tips:

Make sure you do not have excessive saliva forming in your mouth while you’re kissing. If this happens, pull away and swallow back the saliva in your mouth, discreetly. Although this may feel awkward it is a better than being slobbery.

Starting slow and gentle will make it more exciting. If it is your first time, you should keep it short and simple. Do not be in a hurry to make it happen. Take your time; you will only experience your first kiss once.

Lastly, do not be nervous or self-conscious. Kissing someone on the lips for the first time can be overwhelming but do not over think it. If you and your partner are both comfortable, go ahead and kiss. Kissing, like any other activity gets better with practice.

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