How to Get Your Husband to Lose Weight

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Caring for her husband is every wife’s instinct. So it’s no surprise if your husband’s putting on pounds and you’re starting to worry. After all, which wife doesn’t want to flaunt a dapper fit husband? But husbands, being husbands, can be stubborn. However, there are some simple ways to get your husband back in the game and lose weight.

Husband wants Eat food

1. Do Not be Hypocritical:

It’s simple. Do not expect your husband to radically start caring about his fitness and weight if you aren’t at all concerned by yours. Start a healthy diet, go for walks and make sure your husband notices. Be his inspiration; show him your personal dedication towards eating right and working out. Don’t be snide; just show him subtly how you’re playing an active role in your own fitness. Let your actions speak louder than words.

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2. Clean your Kitchen Cupboard:

Junk food is no longer an option. Say your farewells to packaged chips, bacon and that leftover KFC you’re saving for a hungry night. Clean your kitchen of all unhealthy food. If it’s not there, you can’t cook it. And if it’s not there, he certainly can’t eat it. If you must keep a cheat junk meal in the fridge though, make sure it is a small portion. Just enough so that if he binges, it won’t set him back majorly in his weight loss.

3. Cook Right:

If you’re not usually cooking the meals in your home, this would be a good time to start. If you are, this would be a good time to use it to your benefit. Cook small portions of low-carbohydrate food. Go heavy on the lean meat and vegetables and try to use minimal oil. Use olive oil or walnut oil if you must. The pro of cooking healthy food is that even if he eats a bit much, he’s not eating too many calories. It’s also advisable you pack him lunch for work. The more he avoids fast junk at his work, the smoother the weight loss process.

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4. be Careful with the Criticism:

Weight is a sensitive topic for women. But weight is an even more sensitive topic for men because they certainly don’t discuss it. Be careful that while trying to encourage him to be fit, you don’t snub him too much. Don’t be overtly critical of his efforts (or lack of them). That might make him more stubborn and antagonise him, in general. Remember, positive inspiration is always better than negative criticism. Weight loss can be a tough time for even the toughest. Be the loving, supporting and encouraging wife that your husband needs.

5. Instead of Meal Dates, Start Exercise Dates:

Instead of accompanying your husband to a restaurant for a meal, join him during his workouts. The sheer burden of exercise will seem less intimidating if you do it with him. Walking together, running together, hitting the gym together- even playing a sport together- can be good for both his health and your relationship. Why spend money and eat out to spend time together out of your busy schedule, when you can help him shed his pounds and spend time with him simultaneously.

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6. Celebrate his Milestones with Him:

Appreciate his smallest efforts and celebrate with him whenever he completes his goals. Be the cheerleader he’ll love rather than the coach he’ll secretly dislike. Whenever he achieves a weight loss goal, treat him to a small cheat meal which is his favourite. It’ll egg him on more. Make his victories your victories. And before you know it, ever so subtly, you will have succeeded.

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