How to get rid of Alopecia?

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Alopecia also known as alopecia areata in medical terms is a serious crisis of hair problems where the person starts losing hair to such an extent that there are bald patches all over the scalp. Not only is it a sign of major hair issue but also something that leads to public embarrassment, anxiety, tension, stress and discomfort. If not taken care on time, this can also lead to an extreme level of visible baldness or complete baldness. Along with the scalp, the problem can happen in beard area in men, eyelashes as well as eyebrows. Not only does it affect men and women equally but is also a condition that might be seen in children.

Once you are aware of the condition, the next best thing is to understand the ways and ideas that can help you treat alopecia in a flawless manner. The list below has some of the top and effective treatments that can be used for getting rid of alopecia. Check them out and pick one to get rid of your problem.

How to get rid of alopecia

Causes of Alopecia:-

Before we can move ahead to the treatments, to make cures more effective and to prevent alopecia to a good extent, it is significant to know about the causes. Infections, allergens, toxins, injuries, chemicals and burns are some of the reported sure shot reasons for the occurrence of this hair condition.

A lot of times certain medications and steroids, overdose of vitamin A, deficiency of iron thyroid, pregnancy and anaemia can be some causes related to alopecia. External causes also include over styling of the hair, dying, hot treatments, and blow drying and bleaching.

get rid of alopecia

How to Treat Alopecia:

Plasma Treatment:

One of the ways to treat alopecia is to adhere to plasma treatment. The plasma is taken from the blood of the patient and then re-injected into the scalp in a way that promotes hair growth on a visible basis. It is one of the sure shot ways to get rid of the crisis.

Use of Steroids:

In the severe case of alopecia, a lot of professionals suggest the use of steroids but in a very systematic manner. The dose and the way of usage will all be recommended by the expert you are consulting. It definitely helps a long way in curing the baldness.

Radiotherapy and Use of UV Rays:

To induce the hair follicles that have literally died down, one of the best ways that professionals use is the radiotherapy as well as the effect of UV rays on the scalp. This helps the follicles to get activated and thus promote hair growth like never before. It is one of the common treatments that a lot of people rely on in the case of alopecia.

Laser Application Treatment:

Machines like REVAGE is used for laser application on the scalp for treatment of alopecia. The laser hair therapy helps in the stimulation of the follicles in the hair and thus promote necessary hair growth. It is one of the effective ways to follow for the problem cure.


A successful way of curing baldness nowadays as per the advanced technology comes in the form of mesotherapy that uses needles to do the job. The needles contain the required minerals and vitamins that helps the hair follicles become healthy and functional again. Along with motivation, it also ensures that the hair is of good quality, thick and voluminous. It provides the right strength to the hair strands that is very much important to avoid crisis in later stages of life.

These are some of the ways to get rid of the medical condition called alopecia.

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