How to do the First Kiss?

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First kiss is always an experience which every human being remembers. Studies have found that people remember about their first kiss more vividly than their first sexual experience. It is especially exciting when the first kiss happen with a person with whom we have fallen in love for the first time. There will be anxiety of inexperience, fear of rejection, being caught; still the experience is worth all the anxiety and fear. In children this is a natural process and as a child we might have kissed another child and do not remember about it, however that first kiss as a teenager when the hormones are playing a havoc in our systems, and our adrenaline rush is at all time high holds a special place in all our lives.

Best tips to do the first kiss:

Make yourself kissable: Women should not wear very loud make-up and the guy might be frightened if the girl is wearing a dark colored lipstick as it will leave marks on the lips and face of the guy.Personal hygiene is very important for any intimate moment. As no one wants to kiss a girl whose mouth or body smells. Hence maintain oral hygiene and wear a nice, soft, lingering perfume which will attract the guy. But do not over do as loud fragrance is often a put off than an invitation.

Lean in and make the eye contact: Be in a quiet place and put your head on the shoulders of the guy. Make eye contact and the eyes should say how much you care for the guy.

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Give a hint: In a new relationship: if the man is serious about you, then he will be scared to lose you. Hence he might not make the move to kiss you. Hence being a lady you need to give a hint, look down at his lips, drop the gaze and your eyelids to a half mast. Look back at him and give him a small smile, twine your arms around his neck or play with his hair at the neckline. This will give him a hint that you want to get more personal. Also move close to him and take your mouth closer to his mouth.

Invite him to kiss you: Some guys are very shy, or even they are not shy, have been told several times by several women (or they have read in books) that women do not like physical touch. Hence they might not take the lead. You may give him a peck on the cheek, or kiss him lightly on the cheek, or hold his hand to give him a signal that you are ok with the touch. If he still does not get the hint then you can be direct and say, ‘’would you like to kiss me now?’’

Keep it gentle at first: The first kiss ideally should be gentle until you know what the style of the guy is. Do not hold very tightly or take the tongue out and do a very passionate kiss. Do not use teeth or nibble initially, let the feeling sink in.


Get confident: Women like confident men who take the first step. Don’t slouch and shy away from her, and show that you are comfortable with yourself and she can be comfortable with you. Make the eye contact, speak clearly and take the lead.

Groom and wash properly: No one wants to kiss the most handsome hunk just out of gym sweating and puffing. Take care of the oral hygiene and wear a nice masculine cologne or body spray. That will attract the lady.

Respect her privacy: Many women are not comfortable with public display of affection. Respect that and look for privacy. Also be chivalrous. Make her feel like a princess and not that you have befriended her only for physical pleasures. Most women have the sixth sense to gauge that and dump those men in the first few dates.

Watch for signals: Every woman is unique and some take more time to open up and some less. So watch for signals. When she is allowing you to touch her hands, hold her by waist that shows that she is getting comfortable with you. Look out for signs. If the woman is touching you, looking at your lips, licking her own lips, then lean forward and see her reaction. If she goes away, that means she is not yet ready, but if she leans towards you, that means she is ready for the kiss- go for it.

Make eye contact: If she is making eye contact, then she is interested in you. Lock eyes while talking to her as well as in the moments of silence. Put your arms around her shoulders, sweep her hair from her face, hold her hands and make her comfortable.

Go for the kiss: First draw her in slowly, say some sweet nothings into her ears and if she does not resist, that means she too is ready for the kiss. If she starts resisting, then back off, be a gentleman. Do not grind your pelvis against her and do not use the pretext of kissing her as an excuse to touch or grope her inappropriately. That will show that you are desperate and your intentions are only physical.

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Once you feel that she is ready to be kissed, then look into her eyes, and look at her lips and lean a bit and gently brush your lips over hers. Later you can use all the French kissing techniques. Make that a romantic, memorable and tender one for her so that she yearns for more. Ensure that your lips are not moist and don’t let it go for too long (say not more than 20 seconds) or let it be too short (merely 3-5 seconds). Wait for the signals, if she is eager then you may repeat the kiss. Do not be over-enthusiastic and expect a lot after the first kiss. Remember, there are days to come to explore more. Ending the first kiss is also and art- just allow her to relax and remain silent still holding and hugging her and ending the first kiss in a lovely,expecting and intimatemoment.

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