How to do a Messy Hairstyle?

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Messy hairstyles are very different form of hairstyle. It doesn’t mean that we are talking about a bad hairdo. That is a wrong idea about messy hairstyles. These are proper hairstyles which are given a loose and curly or sometimes a flirty and messy touch to them. This makes the hairstyles look more relaxed than their properly tamed versions. This is the reason these are referred to as messy hairstyles. The messiness can be created using a hair straightener. This is better than using the hair curler because curlers tend to give a more tamed appearance with the curls falling evenly. The hair straightener on the other hand does not allow the twisted loose curls to fall in proper places and these tend to mess out very easily. This is what is required to create celeb style messy hairstyles. You can wear these types of hairstyles for parties, work or even your college.

messy hairstyle

Let us see how you can create a messy hairstyle in easy steps.

Step 1:

For making a messy hairstyle the first step is o prepare the hair for the messy hairstyle. The proper way of doing this is that you will have to wash your hair first. This is not a hairstyle that can be tried when you have a lot of product build up. You need to thoroughly wash your hair with a good shampoo which deep cleanses the hair but doesn’t make it dry or frizzy. If your hair is already frizzy then you will have to use some serum for smoothening it but that is to be done later. First cleans your hair and then use a little bit of conditioner. You can choose to use any form of conditioner like a wash off or a leave-on. It is your choice. You should use only that much as would be needed for making hair smooth but not too oily or weighed down.

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Step 2:

Dry your hair with a towel and if you have frizzy and unmanageable hair then use some hair serum but this also should be used in very little quantity. You can also separate your hair with your fingers and give it a shake from beneath and use the blow dryer to make hair dry but only to a certain extent and not fully.

Step 3:

Next shift the angle of the blow dryer and use the wind from beneath the hair.

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Step 4:

Do this for about 8 to 10 minutes or till you feel almost whole of the hair length is dry but still a bit damp.

Step 5:

If you want only a bit of messiness then at this point separates the hairs with your fingers and do not use a comb. Use hair spray and your hairstyle is finish.

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Step 6:

If you want messy curls or loose curls then at this stay you can use a hair straightener and twist the sections of hair in it. Do not use in normal straightening fashion else you will end up straightening hair instead or creating loose messy curls. Do this with one section of the hair after the other and then separate the strands with fingers. Do not blow dry again. Use some hair spray.

Step 7:

If you want a heavy messy appearance, you can add some volumizing hair gel or hair spray to weigh hair down a bit after you have used the straightener and created curls. Then follow this up with blow dryer for more volume and a loose curly messy finish.

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