How to Cut a Layered Haircut?

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Layered hairstyles have been in trend for quite some time now. We have seen celebrities to TV stars all sport flattering layered hairstyles. These can be done in many different ways. There are even different types of layers. In general it means cutting the hair according to a whole side to back line. This is one from both the sides. However, with these days we see various asymmetric ways of creating layered hairstyles. You can even have layered hairstyles for faces which are small and also for small hair lengths. Bob layered hairstyles are also a good trend these days. Various other forms of long and medium layered hairstyles are also quite popular. The reason people go for layered haircuts is that this creates and gives volume to your hair. This increases the body of the hair. Your hair may be short or medium, and yet quite thin, but that is here layered haircuts can give you extra volume and bounce. You can add more body to your hair with a layered haircut than with any other types of haircuts.

Layered Haircut

To get the proper and professional haircut, you should never opt out from going to a good parlour. Only professional parlours can give you good layers. Another thing to mention in this regard is that when choosing a layer you should and you can have some bangs as well. These further help to flatter the whole look of the haircut. These again depend on the type of face shape you have and the thickness of the hair at the bang area. These are advised and decided by good stylists. You might not be able to do this at home.

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However for times when you want to try out a layer haircut at home and by yourself or with the help of a loved one, you can try the following procedure.

Step 1:

Haircuts are properly done when your hair is wet. This makes each strand of hair to fall to its full length. This also gives you ease in cutting it with scissors. Running the comb and also the pair of scissors when hair is dry is problematic.

Step 2:

You need to separate the hair into different sections. Comb out a portion at the frontal bang area. Comb out two portions at the bang area to the left and right side. Follow this with proper combing and separating the two sections at the top of the crown. Another two sections should be made at the top back or the nape. You should clip the hair at the top and leave ½ inch hair loose and free at the hairline at the bottom.

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Step 3:

Hold the hair with your hands and cut 1 inch of hair all around the hair from one side to another. For this start from one side, move to the back. Do the same with the other side and move to back. Make sure your hairline at the back matches the two sections brought together.

Step 4:

Do the same with another clipped in hair section just above the cut section. Use the cut section as a guide. You can give symmetric or asymmetric layers depending on your choice.

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Step 5:

This should be the procedure that you need to follow for each section of the hair. When you are satisfied with the layering, you can curl the tips or give the whole hair a messy touch. You can keep bangs as well as a graduated layering all throughout.  Additionally use hairspray and round brush for messy touch.

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