How to Cut a Bob Haircut?

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A bob is a very well known form of hairstyle. You can sport various types of bob haircuts which come with bangs or without bangs. Some has a short cropped back while others have graduated back to front styling. The styling of bob haircuts are mostly done by good parlours. If you do not want to go wrong on a proper bob hairstyle, you will not skip the need for a good hairstylist to cut your hair and shape it accordingly. At the same time, which type of hairstyle will suit your face best is also an important thing to remember. Your hairstylist should be able to guide you through that. For all these reasons we suggest you seek the appropriate hairstylist to get a good bob haircut which matches your face shape and also gives you the type of style that you are looking for.

bob haircut

However for times when you cannot have those long hairs at your back and you feel like chopping down a few inches yourself, then you might try getting a bob style yourself. This is good when you are running short on time and any inconsistencies left in your own bob haircut can be put aside for later when you do get the time to go to a parlour. So for an immediate bob haircut, when you have time on your hands, you can try out the following procedure. This will be helpful when you want to get a summer bob, the normal styling and not much of a fashionable look. You can try chopping the hair into a bob and later re-style and give it a few cuts here and there from a parlour.

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So for an immediate bob haircut, the following steps can be helpful.

Step 1:

Haircuts are properly done when your hair is wet. This makes each strand of hair to fall to its full length. This also gives you ease in cutting it with scissors. Running the comb and also the pair of scissors when hair is dry is problematic. You should be careful when you are doing a haircut. If your hair is not wet, you may not get even toned look for your cut. Use a deep cleansing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning. If your hair is already conditioned and shampooed and you just want to cut the hair without re-doing the shampoo, you can use water from a spray bottle to make hair wet enough to run the comb and the pair of scissors.

Step 2:

You need to separate the hair into different sections. Comb out a portion at the frontal bang area. Comb out two portions at the bang area to the left and right side. Follow this with proper combing and separating the two sections at the top of the crown. Another two sections should be made at the top back or the nape.

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Step 3:

Now we will cut the sections at the nape. Hold the pair of scissor horizontally and run down the comb. Do one side at a time .When you have reached the required length that you want to chop down, you can run the scissors horizontally and cut your hair.

Step 4:

Do the same with the crown area.

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Step 5:

Depending on your choice, you can go for a straight sleek bob haircut. You need to dry the hair and then use a hair straightener for this. If you want inward curled bob, use your round brush and heated hair from blow drying to create curled tips.

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