How to Avoid Vomiting During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is one of the phases in the life of a woman that calls for drastic changes in the body. There is a rapid fluctuation in the hormonal levels as well. Along with the happiness that soon you will be holding your precious bundle of joy in your hands, and the joy of bringing a new life to this world is accompanied with overwhelming feelings in mothers to be, where such major changes are concerned. However, the best that can be done is to be prepared for the general changes and symptoms that every pregnant woman undergoes. Among the most common signs, vomiting is something that most of the women experiences in pregnancy especially during the first trimester or the first 3 months.

Vomiting during pregnancy

To understand how vomiting tendencies can be avoided is the most important thing to do. This health guide here helps you in the same aspect by giving some effective measures on how vomiting can be kept at bay during pregnancy.

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Morning Rest is Important:

Once you are awake in the morning, before you actually get up from the resting stage, it is advisable that you eat some healthy appetizers or crackers, rest for about 15-20 minutes and then get up for the daily chores of life. This is one of the perfect ideas to follow where avoiding vomiting is concerned.

Have Smaller Meals:

Another of the reasons why pregnant women throw up is when they eat too much together. The digestive system right now is at the all-time low and takes a lot of effort to digest the foods well. In such a case, if you break the meals in smaller portions rather than having large and heavy meals, then you can definitely avoid vomiting issues. It is recommended that you eat a meal every 2 hours in small quantities.

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Have Enough Fluids:

Sipping water and healthy liquids throughout the day will not only keep the body hydrated, but will also ensure that you keep away from discomforting ailments like vomiting tendencies. It is in fact one of the most effortless ways to achieve your goals here.

Foods that Control Nausea:

A simple gift to mankind comes in the form of various foods and these foods fulfil certain aims for the body. To control nausea, one can easily adhere to certain foods that can also avoid vomiting in pregnant women. These foods can be included all throughout the day in the diet to get the best results. Lemonade, pickles, chips, apple slices, celery sticks, cake, watermelon, crackers, fresh fruit juices and many such foods are perfect where avoiding nausea and vomiting is concerned.

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Avoid Some Foods:

On the other hand, there are some food items that actually work towards triggering vomiting in people. These should be stayed away from for avoiding vomiting during pregnancy. Spicy, fried and fatty foods fall under this category of items that you should ignore consuming. Alcohol is another aspect that should be kept away from in this situation.

Control Environmental Factors:

Perfumes and fragrances can be one of the many external factors that trigger vomiting. These should be stayed away from. Apart from that humidity is another factor that causes vomiting. Make sure the room temperature is kept to a pleasant ambience to avoid such situations. Household cleaners and other chemicals smells used in the house should be put away as well.

Proper Rest and Sleep:

By taking proper rest and sleep of about 8-10 hours each day, you ensure that the sick feeling is prevented and so is the vomiting tendencies. Regular naps throughout the day is also advisable for a pregnant woman.

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