How to Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly?

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Many girls who are new to the world of makeup don’t know the proper technique of wearing an eye shadow. This leads to doing an eye makeup like a 12 year old. But we have a solution to your problem with our tips and techniques which you can follow to wear eye shadow properly.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

1) Use Concealer:

You should always start your makeup on a cleansed face. This is the basic step before starting any type of makeup. Next you need to use a concealer. Your eye makeup will not look good if you have bluish veins underneath your eyes. Neither will it look good if you have tired or dull eyes. Many of us have dark circle problem. Concealer helps you minimise this and to create an even toned look. You can use a concealer brush or you can use your ring finger when you are in a hurry. But you should never rub the area while applying concealer. Always pat and dab the area.

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2) Eye Shadow Primer:

It is important to prime the lids before applying eye shadow. This helps to keep the eye shadow in place for long. If you have oily skin then this is even more important. This is a secret that professional makeup artists use. You can use a normal face primer in place of an eye shadow primer. You can get eye shadow primers only at high end cosmetic stores. This will not let your eye shadow get washed away even in rain and neither will it get smudged if you fall asleep with your eye makeup.

3) Applying Eye Shadow:

There are various forms of eye makeup which use two or three or even more than 4 or 5 different colours of eye shadows to create magnificent looking eyes. These are mostly done either for parties or for ramp shows. However for normal celebrity style makeup looks, you can use a three toned eye shadow to create the light and shadow effect for your eyes. Start off with a neutral shade to use all over the eye lids and blend evenly up till your brow bone. Next take a shade which will be your main focus like a purple or a teal and blend it right over the lid. Do not go into the crease. Now apply a darker shade on to the crease only if you want to create a smokey effect. Extend this a little outward at the exterior of the lid.

Colour eye shadow

4) Tricks with Eye Shadow:

For a two toned look or a no-smokey look, you can exclude using the darker shade. In this case, use the color of your choice not just on to the lid but also into the crease. However, we suggest that you should use a little bit of a dark shade on to the crease without extending the eye shadow towards the exterior lid. For a more smudgy effect, you can use the dark eye shadow with a slanted tip brush and apply along the lower lash line.

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5) Highlighting:

You can use the neutral or light eye shadow shade that you started working with for the brow bones. If you want a dramatic look, use a glittery shimmery silver for the brows to finish the makeup. This brings forth the brow bone and in a way contours the face. You can also use a bit of pale shadow at the inner eye joint.

6) Curling the Lashes:

After doing your eye shadow, you need to proceed with lining the eyes with your favourite eye liner. Next comes curling the lashes. Curling the lashes adds more dramatic effect to the eye makeup. You can use an eye lash curler for this.

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7) Finish with Mascara:

Finish the eye makeup by applying one to two layers of mascara. Mascara makes lashes appear fuller and more voluminous. You can buy different forms of mascaras from the market.

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